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iOS 17.3: Stolen Device Protection and other New Updates

Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 17.3, arrived this week, bringing much-anticipated features and crucial security measures to your iPhone. This update goes beyond bug fixes and aesthetic tweaks, offering significant advancements in data protection and collaborative music enjoyment.

Let’s delve into the highlights of iOS 17.3

1. Stolen Device Protection: A Shield Against Opportunistic Thieves

iOS 17.3 introduces a game-changer for iPhone security: Stolen Device Protection. This feature adds an extra layer of defense against opportunistic thieves who might gain access to your phone and attempt to exploit your data. It does this by requiring biometric authentication (Face ID or Touch ID) for sensitive actions, even if the thief knows your passcode.

Here’s how it works

Accessing critical information: Viewing saved passwords, Apple ID password changes, and applying for a new Apple Card will require biometric authentication instead of just your passcode.

Security Delay for high-risk actions: For actions like changing your iPhone passcode or Apple ID password, Stolen Device Protection implements a “Security Delay.” This delay requires Face ID/Touch ID, a one-hour wait, and then another successful biometric authentication before the action is complete.

Smart location awareness: This extra layer of security kicks in only when you’re away from “familiar locations” like home or work, minimizing inconvenience while maximizing protection against unexpected theft.

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2. Collaborative Playlists on Apple Music: Amp Up the Listening Experience

Finally! iOS 17.3 brings the long-awaited collaborative playlists to Apple Music. Now you can create shared playlists with friends and family, allowing everyone to add, reorder, and remove songs. Want to react to a song someone added? No problem! You can now add emoji reactions to any track in a collaborative playlist, giving instant feedback and boosting the collective music experience.

Collaborative Playlists on Apple Music_ Amp Up the Listening Experience

3. Other Noteworthy Additions

Unity Bloom wallpaper: Celebrate Black History Month with this vibrant new wallpaper showcasing blooming flowers.

AirPlay hotel support: Stream content directly to the TV in your room at select hotels, making your travel entertainment seamless.

AppleCare & Warranty in Settings: Easily check coverage for all devices linked to your Apple ID within the Settings app.

Crash detection optimizations: Improved crash detection accuracy for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models.

4. Security Patches and Bug Fixes

iOS 17.3 addresses over a dozen security vulnerabilities and bugs. Notably, it patches a WebKit issue that could potentially lead to data theft or device hacking. Additionally, Safari gets a fix for a privacy issue where private browsing information might be visible in Settings.

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Downloading the Update

Ready to experience the enhanced security and musical collaboration of iOS 17.3? Simply head to Settings > General > Software Update and tap “Install Now.” Remember, Stolen Device Protection is an optional but highly recommended feature. To activate it, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, enter your passcode, and toggle the feature on.

With iOS 17.3, Apple delivers a significant update that prioritizes both security and user enjoyment. So, update your iPhone, activate Stolen Device Protection, and start collaborating on playlists with your friends – your data is safer, and your music life is about to get a whole lot more fun!

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