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Complete list of MWC 2024 Innovations and Gadgets Announced

The annual Mobile World Congress- MWC 2024 in Barcelona served as a vibrant showcase for the latest advancements and innovations in the mobile technology sphere. With myriad groundbreaking gadgets and visionary concepts on display, the event offered a tantalizing glimpse into the future of mobile devices.

Attendants were treated to a firsthand look at the most noteworthy product unveilings from industry giants such as Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Honor. As anticipation builds for the upcoming months, the Best of MWC 2024 list captures the essence of the event’s most standout offerings.

Here are the best products at MWC 2024

1. Xiaomi 14

Xiaomi captivated tech enthusiasts at MWC 2024 with the unveiling of the Xiaomi 14, a compact yet feature-packed smartphone that redefines flagship standards in a more diminutive form factor. With its impressive specifications and pocket-friendly design, the Xiaomi 14 promises to significantly impact the mobile industry landscape.

Xiaomi 14


  • Three 50MP cameras for capturing stunning photography.
  • Lightning-fast 90W fast charging for quick power-ups.
  • High-performance chipset with a whopping 12GB RAM for seamless multitasking capabilities.

Price: €1,499 (Xiaomi 14 Ultra)

2. Nubia Flip 5G

Nubia turned heads and sparked curiosity with the Flip 5G at MWC 2024, offering a foldable smartphone experience at an exceptionally affordable price point. This innovative device seamlessly blends versatility with accessibility, making foldable technology more attainable for consumers worldwide.

Nubia Flip 5G


  • Foldable design with a generously sized 6.9-inch display.
  • Dual 50MP rear cameras for capturing breathtaking images.
  • A fun circular outer display is adorned with interactive widgets for added functionality.

Price: $600

3. Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept

Lenovo mesmerized attendees with its futuristic Transparent Display Laptop Concept, showcasing innovation at its zenith. With its transparent display and sci-fi allure, this conceptual prototype pushes the boundaries of traditional laptop design and fuels imagination about the future of portable computing.

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept


  • Striking 17.3-inch mini LED transparent display for a genuinely futuristic aesthetic.
  • A conceptual exploration of AI-inspired design changes hints at potential industrial revolutions.
  • Redefines the concept of portable computing, paving the way for future innovations.

Price: Conceptual prototype

4. OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus returns triumphantly to the smartwatch market with the OnePlus Watch 2, unveiled at MWC 2024. With its refined design and enhanced functionality, this timepiece represents a fresh start for OnePlus in the wearable tech landscape.

OnePlus Watch 2


  • Its elegant design and exceptional durability make it perfect for everyday wear.
  • Seamless integration with Wear OS 4 for unmatched performance.
  • Represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, setting new standards in the smartwatch domain.

Price: $299

5. Honor Pad 9

Honor presents the Pad 9, a compelling Android tablet that challenges the dominance of the iPad. The Honor Pad 9 aims to carve a niche in the fiercely competitive tablet market with its premium design, remarkable display, and affordable price point.

Honor Pad 9 MWC 2024


  • iPad-esque design exudes a premium feel and aesthetic appeal.
  • Stunning 12.1-inch 2.5K display for an immersive viewing experience.
  • The smooth user interface powered by MagicOS on Android 13 ensures seamless navigation and functionality.

Price: Competitive, approximately £200 less than the iPad 10th Gen

6. Honor Magic6 Pro Eye Tracking

Honor introduces groundbreaking eye-tracking technology with the Magic6 Pro, unveiled at MWC 2024. This innovative feature revolutionizes user interaction, offering a hands-free experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional smartphone control.

Honor Magic6 Pro Eye Tracking MWC 2024 event


  • State-of-the-art AI-powered eye-tracking technology for intuitive interaction and navigation.
  • Eyes-only control functionality enables seamless operation without physical touch.
  • Integration with real-life applications such as controlling a car showcases the versatility and potential of this groundbreaking feature.

Price: Not specified

7. Motorola Adaptive Display Concept

Motorola unveils the Adaptive Display Concept at MWC 2024, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of smartphones. With its transformative capabilities and versatile design, this concept device challenges conventional notions of form and function, igniting imaginations about the possibilities of future mobile technology.

Motorola Adaptive Display Concept


  • Versatile smartphone capable of bending into various configurations to suit different user needs.
  • Practical implementation of foldable technology, unlocking new possibilities in smartphone design.
  • Promises to merge smartphone and smartwatch functionalities, offering a seamless and integrated user experience.

Price: Not Available

8. Humane AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin emerges as a beacon of innovation at MWC 2024, promising to revolutionize personal AI assistance. With its compact form factor and advanced AI capabilities, this device offers a tantalizing glimpse into a future where AI seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Humane AI Pin


  • Multi-modal AI for seamless interaction across various modes, ensuring intuitive user experience.
  • Futuristic Laser Ink display for precise and intuitive control, enhancing user engagement and productivity.
  • Advanced AI assistance is compact and portable, providing unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Price: $700

9. Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, a sleek and discreet smart ring designed for seamless integration into everyday life. With a focus on health monitoring features and potential competitive pricing, the Galaxy Ring aims to redefine wearable technology in the consumer market, offering convenience and functionality in a compact form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Ring MWC 2024


  • Sleek and discreet design for effortless everyday wear, ensuring seamless integration into daily routines.
  • Advanced health monitoring features empower users to track and manage their well-being quickly and precisely.
  • Potential competitive pricing compared to similar products makes it an attractive option for consumers seeking a balance of affordability and functionality.

Price: Yet to be announced

10. TCL RayNeo X2 & RayNeo X2 Lite

TCL showcases its vision for the future of augmented reality with the RayNeo X2 and RayNeo X2 Lite at MWC 2024. These standalone AR glasses offer cutting-edge technology in a sleek and comfortable design, revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with the world around us and enhancing productivity and entertainment in equal measure.

TCL RayNeo X2 & RayNeo X2 Lite


  • Standalone AR glasses with AI-powered microLED displays deliver stunning visuals and immersive experiences.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for extended use, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience during prolonged wear.
  • Advanced features such as real-time translation and on-glasses navigation enhance productivity and accessibility for users in various scenarios.

Price: Not specified


As the curtains close on Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the stage is set for a dynamic era of mobile innovation. From foldable smartphones to transparent display laptops and AI-powered wearables, the showcased gadgets have pushed the boundaries of possibility. With each unveiling, the industry has reaffirmed its commitment to driving technological progress and enhancing user experiences.

As consumers eagerly anticipate the arrival of these groundbreaking devices, one thing is certain: the future of mobile technology is brighter and more exciting than ever. MWC 2024 has laid the foundation for a new chapter in the mobile revolution, promising unparalleled advancements and possibilities.


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