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Apple Watch Gets OpenAI’s Popular Chatbot with WatchGPT App

ChatGPT has been in the mainstream ever since OpenAI launched it in the November of 2022. Each day companies are coming up with something new using this newest technology. The renowned phone brand Apple has made use of the renowned AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT. This implies that Apple Watch users can access ChatGPT. They will be able to do so using a special app, named WatchGPT.

Apple Watch users would be able to communicate with ChatGPT straight from their watch screen. All they need to do is to download the app from Apple App Store. The new app is available for download for a price of $3.99 (about INR 328).

In addition, customers would be able to instantly share their WatchGPT responses via text message, email, and social networking platforms from their Apple Watches using the WatchGPT app.

The best thing is that it is an easy-to-use app that anyone can use. Also, it integrates well with Apple Watch. Users can now chat using the newest technology, ChatGPT, whenever and wherever they choose with only a tap on their wrist.

WatchGPT was developed by Hidde van der Ploeg. He took to Twitter to announce that the app is now accessible on the App Store worldwide, including in India. Using this app, Apple Watch users can interact with ChatGPT and share their comments via text message, email, and social media, all from the screen of their connected watch.

The newest app, WatchGPT is 2.6 megabytes in size and only compatible with smartphones that are running iOS 13.0 or later.

According to a report, users can now receive not only short answers but also longer, automatically created messages without having to manually type them in. The WatchGPT app is available in the Apple App Store in multiple language options, including English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

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In addition, the WatchGPT developer has indicated that future improvements to the program are on the way. These changes will include the ability to utilize one’s own API key, access history, and the capability to follow vocal input by default. They plan to add read aloud option within the app to have responses read aloud by the app itself. Also, the user experience will be improved as a result of the additions.

The renowned phone brand is also planning to include blood glucose monitoring technology in the future models of the Apple Watches. The method will depend on optical absorption spectroscopy, which is paired with a specialized chip known as silicon photonics in order to emit light at predefined wavelengths, eliminating the need to use a needle to get a blood sample. The brand claims that the upcoming technology will be capable of providing precise information regarding the user’s blood glucose levels.


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