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ChatGPT’s ‘iPhone Moment’ Poses a New Threat to Google

Technological advancements are at their peak today. Top-notch brands, including Open AI and Google, are constantly coming up with innovations to lure users worldwide. Until recently, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, an idea that has quickly spread across the globe; the brand has updated it, making it an even greater new threat to Google and other large tech corporations.

Last week OpenAI published new plugins for ChatGPT that represent a significant technological advance. It is evolving from a simple text generator to a web-based tool that can perform tasks, much like the virtual assistants that Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Apple Inc. have been working on for years.

With the help of ChatGPT’s plugins, enterprises may integrate the tool into their existing infrastructure to perform tasks like searching proprietary databases, making restaurant reservations, and even generating and executing code.

Even if this could have disastrous consequences, OpenAI has opened a new front in the corporate game of technical one-upmanship. To use the plugins, users must first visit the ChatGPT website.

Users in the United States of America will soon be able to use the Klarna Bank AB plugin directly from the ChatGPT site. Klarna Bank AB acts as a payment facilitator for tens of thousands of brands, including Nike and Gucci. After selecting Klarna, the user can get purchase recommendations through ChatGPT.

After deciding on Klarna, the shopper can consult with ChatGPT to get suggestions on what to get their sibling. ChatGPT’s robust language model, GPT-4, allows users to provide the level of detail they would provide to a human sales associate. For example, users can explain in great detail that their sibling is in their thirties and enjoys movies and kayaking.

David Sandstrom, Klarna’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement that they have a proprietary database of tonnes of items that ChatGPT can structure. He further added, “As an alternative to browsing our product catalog, you and I will chat with a helpful sales associate.”

The former head of Amazon’s AI Laboratories and current CEO of AI startup Pinecone, Edo Liberty, claims that the plugin system makes things much simpler.

According to Liberty, the retrieval plugin has been instantly popular among software developers. Klarna is also employing this plugin.

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Organizations can stop the tool from “hallucinating” about their work by connecting it to their data when more people use ChatGTP and run into mistakes concerning specific concerns.

One demo shows how ChatGTP may be used in conjunction with a United Nations plugin to provide a more trustworthy overview of the official milestones than what is currently available when asked to create a table of major landmarks in climate mitigation.

Liberty argues that automakers might benefit from integrating ChatGPT into owner’s manuals if it meant that customers could obtain instant responses to their inquiries.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 has been used by 200 of Morgan Stanley’s wealth advisors to answer queries presented by clients, and the same technology may be used by businesses internally.

Morgan Stanley stated that they could provide clients with a synopsis of confidential information on an asset class in seconds rather than the half an hour it used to take.

Consumers that utilize ChatGPT to conduct research, reserve transportation, and make purchases will benefit the most. Google has provided this feature for some time now in the form of its Assistant and Search page.

If ChatGPT gains popularity, though, and more companies begin using it, it will begin to divert users’ attention away from Google’s services.

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Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, does have the advantage of being able to integrate with the rest of Google’s suite of products, which are utilized by hundreds of millions of users and include Gmail and Google Documents.

For example, suppose you forget a friend’s birthday, but Bard has already composed a pre-written email to them on your behalf that sounds uncannily like you because it was trained using your previous correspondence.

Although not officially disclosed, Google may provide such an attractive service in the future using Bard.

There aren’t any equally popular products on which OpenAI might implement ChatGPT, but as a neutral third party, millions of businesses could immediately benefit from working with OpenAI. It’s shown to be quicker and more responsive than Google.

Some people have referred to the plugins that are available for ChatGPT as the tool’s “iPhone moment.” This is a reference to the time when Apple first allowed third-party software developers to build for the iPhone, which led to the stratospheric growth in the popularity of the device.

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The idea that every company needs its app began to gain traction over time. If OpenAI is successful in meeting demand, a standard for ChatGPT might develop along the same lines.


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