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10 Best Mobile Gaming Accessories for Android & iOS Users in 2024

Step into the world of mobile Gaming accessories that pave the way to create new records in every mobile game! In general, people invest more while purchasing new smart devices. Whether it is a laptop or smartphone, they look up features, compatibility, and price. Of course, they are all important aspects to see when buying any gadget.

But what about gaming accessories? Do people give similar importance to them? No, not everyone! Such users are countable among the billions. So, this is the guide to elevate the gaming experience to the next level while playing with smartphones.

Yes, you heard it right! Smart mobiles are enough to experience console-level gameplay. However, the only thing you need to ensure is picking the right mobile gaming accessories from the best brands.

This article will vanquish all your worries and help to witness a whole new level of gaming.

Hence, let’s get started!

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10 Best Mobile Gaming Accessories In 2024 And Beyond

You don’t need to put your hard-earned money on very costly items; there are so many pocket-friendly mobile gaming accessories that you can buy. Here is our list of the top mobile gaming accessories that you can buy to have an enhanced gaming experience in 2024 and beyond. Take a look…

1. Backbone One Mobile Phone Controller

The gaming controller is one of the best mobile gaming accessories! Instead of limiting to common brands, go for the exceptional one, Backbone One! With responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks, the Backbone One controller offers the ultimate gaming experience. Just connect it to your smartphone and access the exclusive perks of the Backbone application. Get it and treat yourself to an incredible gaming experience. Let’s now take a look at its unique features. Here we go…

Backbone One Mobile Phone controller best gaming accessories

Key Features of Backbone One Mobile Phone Controller

● Comfortable controller
● Expandable and fit the vast range of Android phones
● PlayStation syncs very well with Remote Play
● Low-latency connection
● Capture game clip and screenshots
● Lifetime firmware updates

Tech Specifications

● Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches
● Weight: 4.87 ounces
● Connectivity: USB-C
● Headset Jack: 3.5 mm
● Compatibility: Android and iOS

Price: $179.00

2. Razer Hammerhead Pro Wireless Earbuds

Next on our list of mobile gaming accessories is Razer Hammerhead Pro Wireless Earbuds. Hybrid noise cancellation makes Razer Hammerhead Pro wireless earbuds unique. To offer the utmost comfort for the users, makers ensure enhanced noise isolation with comply foam. The earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth audio capability devices and are perfect for Android and iOS.

When it comes to the accessories to improve your mobile gaming experience, Razer Hammerhead Pro Wireless Earbuds are your best pick. Make sure to add it to your cart if you want a unique gaming experience. This mobile gaming accessory comes with a charging case, type-C USB charging cable, ear tips, and earbuds.

Razer Hammerhead Pro Wireless Earbuds gaming accessories

Key Features of Razer Hammerhead Pro Wireless Earbuds

● Comfortable and unique, sleek design
● Excellent sound quality
● Low latency
● No lag when using the dongle
● Dongle is plug-and-play ready

Tech Specifications

● Dimensions: 1.97 x 0.98 x 2.51 inches
● Weight: 1.92 ounces
● Active noise cancellation
● Low-latency gaming mode: 60 ms
● Charging port: USB-C
● Colors: black
● IPX4 rating

Price: $99.94; Offer Price: $89.99

3. Mapperz Finger Sleeves

Looking for the best gaming accessories to play BGMI? Then, Mapperz Finger Sleeves must be your pick. This is exclusively designed for gamers! Carbon fiber and spandex material make the user more comfortable and sensitive to mobile screens. Plus, it resists hand sweat and provides a better grip while gaming.

Its high conductive touch response and sensitivity ensure flawless touch during every attack. Bring it home to witness a whole new level of gaming experience. Users can buy it as a pack or as a single item. Let’s now take a look at some of its features…

Mapperz Finger Sleeves gaming accessories for BGMI player PUBG players

Key Features of Mapperz Finger Sleeves

● Used for wide applications in gaming
● Elastic finger sleeves
● Sensitive and flawless touch
● Thin and breathable for enhanced convenience and comfort


● Material: Carbon fiber
● Weight: 100 grams
● Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 5 cm

Price: $3.30

4. Lamicall Foldable Phone Stands

Next on the list of the best mobile gaming accessories is Lamicall Foldable Phone Stands. Yes, the Lamicall Foldable Phone Stand is also one of the cell phone gaming accessories. It offers convenience and comfort to users while they are gaming and doing other activities.

This is the accessory that you need the most to get rid of the pain that comes with holding smartphones for a long period of time! It is a fully foldable and portable stand, so carrying it to any place, such as your friend’s house, becomes easy. And the weighted metal base ensures stability and safeguards the smartphones.

Lamicall Foldable Phone Stands gaming accessories

Key Features of Lamicall Foldable Phone Stands

● Compatible with 4 to 8-inch smartphones and many of the of the latest launches
● Suitable for iPad mini, e-book, Switch, and others
● Height and angle are adjustable
● Thick case-friendly


● Dimensions: 6.06 x 4.37 x 2.32 inches
● Weight: 8.1 ounces
● Color: Black

Price: $11.99 Offer Price: $8.49

5. Black Shark Cell Phone Fun Cooler 3 Pro

Seeking the best gaming accessories to play Free Fire? Then, you must pick the Black Shark Cell Phone Fun Cooler 3 Pro. It is the accessory that you need to keep your device cool. Yes, it cools down your smartphone and enhances the overall efficiency while gaming. Universal compatibility and in-app controls are the two ultimate features of Black Shark.

The automatic power-off function shuts down the system once the temperature reaches its range. The vertical air duct design makes the user more comfortable because the air flows don’t bother the gamers.

Black Shark Cell Phone Fun Cooler 3 Pro gaming accessories for Free Fire gamers

Key Features of Black Shark Cell Phone Fun Cooler 3 Pro

● Can play extra hours
● Enhanced performance
● Small and compact design
● Cool down the phones effectively
● Suits well for gaming requirements

Tech Specifications

● Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.97 x 3.35 inches
● Weight: 7.1 ounces
● Color: Purple

Price: $49.99

6. Anker PowerCore 5000 Power Bank

This list of the best mobile gaming accessories would be incomplete with the power bank in it. Gamers know the importance of power banks. That’s why the list includes the power bank from the most renowned brand, Anker. Hence, don’t hesitate to purchase such mobile gaming accessories to level up the gaming experience. The notable features of the Anker power bank include the charging and recharging speed and the size of the devices. And the cylindrical shape makes it more convenient for people to carry anywhere.

Anker PowerCore 5000 Power Bank accessories for gamer

Key Features of Anker PowerCore 5000 Power Bank

● Build with high-quality materials
● Black matte finish and comfy cylindrical shape
● Supports both batteries and wall charger
● Efficient and easy to carry

Tech Specifications

● Dimensions: 4.30 x 1.30 x 1.30 inches
● Weight: 0.3 lb
● Color: Cylindrical
● Shape: Round for ultra-comfort

Price: $21.99

7. XGeek Upgraded Version VR Glasses

Next, we have XGeek Upgraded Version VR Glasses on the list. More than mobile gaming accessories, VR glasses are one step ahead. Yeah, gamers can fix their smart devices and control everything through hand gestures using this device. The best thing about this device is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It offers enhanced support for Android and Apple users while gaming. High-definition lenses for viewing angles up to 100 degrees. Exceptional immersion experience and independent focus adjustment at the front and back elevate gaming to a whole new level. Don’t wait, get it to have the best experience ever.

XGeek Upgraded Version VR Glasses
gamer accessories

Key Features of XGeek Upgraded Version VR Glasses

● High-definition lenses for an enhanced user experience
● Independent focus adjustment
● Artificial leather and engineering plastic
● Various function buttons for volume control, play, pause, and answering the call
● Interactive mode

Tech Specifications

● Compatible with all devices
● Dimensions: 8.7 x 8.07 x 8.39 inches
● Color: Black

Price: $47.99

8. Logitech G Series Fits Earbuds

Here comes another earbud on the list of the best mobile gaming accessories. Logitech needs no introduction. It is one of the best brands available out there. This is one of the most essential accessories that you need for an enhanced gaming experience. The box includes true wireless gaming earbuds, lightfoam ear tips, a USB-A dongle, USB-C adapter, charging case with USB-C port, and charging cable. Logitech FITS earbuds are compatible with a wide range of smartphones and provide decent listening and talking time. Get this pro-grade wireless earphone to claim new records in gaming.

Logitech G Series Fits Earbuds accessories for gamers

Key Features of Logitech G Series Fits Earbuds

● Great sound
● Premium build quality
● Enhanced battery life and fast charging
● Solid gaming features

Tech Specifications

● Weight: 7.2 grams
● Dimensions: 35 x 22.8 x 0.96 inches
● Frequency response: 20 kHz
● Microphone pickup pattern: dual beamforming

Price: $179.99

9. Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones

Next on the list are Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones. As the tech giant Sony Inzone says, users can hear better and win more games. This headset is perfect for elevating your gaming experience. A simple flip function is enough to cut down the audio. Purchase Inzone H3 gaming headsets to avail yourself of excellent sound quality and advanced technology acoustics. Some of the remarkable features of the Sony Inzone are its powerful bass frequencies, cleaner signal, and cushions that fit the head perfectly. Gamers can lead their team towards victory through a clearer headphone conversation in between gaming!

Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones

Key Features of Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headphones

● Spatial audio system
● Crystal-clear microphone
● Powerful bass frequency and compatibility with diverse devices
● Comfy fit as the cushions are perfectly headed
● Left-side controls and Discord certification

Tech Specifications

● Weight: 10.5 ounces
● Single-sided cord type
● Gold-plated 4-pole mini plug
● Flip-to-mute microphone model

Price: $99.99; Offer price: $78.00

10. Razer Kishi V2 Gaming Controller

Last but not least, the Razer Kishi V2 Gaming Controller. Razer Kishi V2 is a console-quality mobile gaming control that fits every smartphone universally. The gaming controller is fully optimized for enhanced performance and supports a diverse range of streaming apps. Razer Kishi, powered by the Nexus App, allows users to browse 100 compatible games. The best thing about this accessory is that you can customize your gaming environment with this mobile gaming accessory.

Razer Kishi V2 Gaming Controller for BGMI

Key Features of Razer Kishi V2 Gaming Controller

● Ultra comfortable for gaming
● Support for Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, Fortnite, and others
● Fits every USB-C phone
● USB-C pass-through charging
● Easy phone mounting design
● Controls are more responsive compared to others

Tech Specifications

● Dimensions: 7.12 x 1.31 x 3.63 inches
● Weight: 4.34 ounces
● Charging: USB-C
● Programmable buttons: 2

Price: $99.99; Offer Price: $79.99

The Bottom Lines

So, there you have it: the top 10 mobile gaming accessories in 2024. You can use these accessories to enhance your experience even after 2024. Experiencing console-level gameplay might be one of your strongest wishes. If so, you’ll surely get it through these mobile gaming accessories. The above-mentioned smart gadgets are essential to have the best gaming experience online. Make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing any smartphone accessory on the list. Have happy gaming hours with these gaming accessories in 2024!

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