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Apple Vision Pro arrange a low cost version but price will still sky-high

Apple’s foray into the world of augmented and virtual reality with the Apple Vision Pro has undoubtedly stirred up a lot of attention, albeit only sometimes for the reasons the tech giant had anticipated. The astronomical price tag of these high-tech glasses has ignited considerable controversy, prompting Apple to develop a more affordable iteration. However, “affordable” in the context of Apple’s premium offerings remains a relative term.

In a landscape where virtual and augmented reality device pricing has been steadily evolving, Apple’s decision to enter the market with a $3,500 pair of glasses raised more than a few eyebrows. This sticker shock triggered a swift response from the company, leading to the development of a more budget-friendly version of the Apple Vision Pro to broaden its audience. Nevertheless, reports suggest that “low cost” may still be a matter of perspective.

According to insights from tech expert Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg, the more economical iteration of the Apple Vision Pro has yet to settle on a fixed price, but early estimates place it in the range of $1,500 to $2,500. While this price point does represent a reduction from the original, it still resides far above the pricing norms observed in the virtual and augmented reality market. The fundamental question is whether this device’s features and functionalities adequately justify such a steep investment.

To put this into context, consider that other major players in the market have offered significantly more budget-friendly options. Meta’s Quest 3, for example, was launched for 499 euros, while Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 hit the market at 599 euros. These prices are substantially lower than the anticipated range for Apple’s “low-cost” version of the Vision Pro. Furthermore, there are murmurs about substantial compromises in features, which could detract from the product’s overall value.

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Beyond the pricing issue, other concerns surround the Apple Vision Pro glasses. Users currently involved in testing (with a release slated for 2024) have raised concerns about the considerable weight of the glasses, which, when worn for extended periods, can result in discomfort and even neck pain. This physical drawback could pose a significant challenge for widespread adoption and long-term usage.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the Apple Vision Pro. The device holds tremendous technological potential that has piqued the interest and excitement of developers. Its creative possibilities have encouraged developers to create software specifically tailored for the Apple Vision Pro, recognizing the unique opportunities it brings.

In summary, while Apple is gearing up to present a more budget-friendly version of the Apple Vision Pro, the phrase “affordable” stays open to interpretation. The projected cost range of $1,500 to $2,500 is substantially higher than the competition, leaving possible users asking whether the device’s components can justify such a premium.

The physical distress noted during testing, coupled with worries about the weight of the glasses, adds another layer of complexness to Apple’s journey into the world of augmented and virtual reality. Despite these challenges, the device’s technical prospect has not gone unnoticed, with developers eager to explore its creative possibilities. As Apple fine-tunes its strategy, seeing how the market responds to this intriguing product offering will be interesting.


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