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Amazon CES 2024: Fire TV, BMW AI, Matter Casting, etc..

Amazon CES 2024 brought a slew of exciting announcements from Amazon, showcasing their commitment to innovation and partnership with leading brands. From Fire TV collaborations to generative AI advancements, Amazon presence at CES was nothing short of impressive.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Siemens: Pioneering Generative AI Integration

A highlight of CES 2024 was the collaboration between AWS and Siemens, as Matt Wood and Siemens Global CEO Roland Busch took the stage during the opening keynote. They shared insights into how the integration of Amazon Bedrock, a service offering high-performing foundation models, with Siemens’ Mendix low-code platform simplifies access to generative AI tools. This collaboration aims to empower customers across industries to build, scale, and enhance applications efficiently with generative AI on AWS.

Panasonic Partnership: Fire TV Integration in Smart TVs

Amazon’s partnership with Panasonic took center stage as Panasonic announced a global collaboration to integrate Fire TV into its new smart TVs starting in 2024. This collaboration allows customers to enjoy a seamless entertainment experience, including live over-the-air content and various streaming apps and services. The Panasonic Z95A and Z93A models, featuring Fire TV built in, provide far-field voice control with Alexa, transforming into dynamic displays with the Fire TV Ambient Experience when not in use.

BMW and Amazon Alexa LLM-powered Capabilities: A Smarter Driving Experience

Amazon and BMW demonstrated the potential of new Alexa LLM-powered capabilities, enhancing the in-car experience. These capabilities provide a natural way for users to interact with their cars, from learning about different drive modes to understanding complex features like parking assistance. This collaboration reflects the shared belief of both companies in simplifying and minimizing distractions through voice technology in the automotive industry.

Matter Casting: Open Technology Standards for Enhanced Home Entertainment

Amazon reinforced its commitment to open technology standards with the introduction of Matter Casting at CES 2024. This innovative feature enables customers to cast content directly from supported streaming apps on iOS and Android devices to Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices. The industry-first demonstration of Matter Casting showcased Amazon’s dedication to providing customers with more choices and seamless experiences in their homes.

Zoox’s Latest Generation Robotaxi: A Glimpse into Autonomous Ride-Hailing

Zoox, after achieving significant milestones, including operating the first purpose-built robotaxi with passengers on public roads, presented its latest generation vehicle at CES 2024. Attendees were offered an exclusive opportunity to join the early-bird waitlist for Zoox’s autonomous ride-hailing service, showcasing the continuous evolution of autonomous vehicle technology.

AI-Powered Alexa Experiences from Developers: Unleashing Creativity with Generative AI

In 2023, Amazon introduced tools to facilitate the use of generative AI for building conversational experiences with Alexa. CES 2024 featured new developer-built experiences, including Character.ai, Splash, and Volley. Customers can engage in entertaining and informative conversations with various characters, create personalized songs through voice interactions, and enjoy an enhanced version of the classic “20 Questions” game, powered by AI.

Alexa Fund Portfolio Companies: Showcasing AI Advancements

Amazon highlighted select Alexa Fund portfolio companies at CES, featuring MultiOn and Embodied, Inc. MultiOn showcased its personal AI agent for browser experiences, offering customers the ability to accomplish tasks seamlessly. Embodied, Inc. exhibited the evolution of its Moxie Robot—Moxie AI—which provides emotional and academic support for children.

Matter Casting: A Game-Changing Feature for Cross-Platform Video Streaming

A notable announcement at CES 2024 was Amazon’s introduction of Matter Casting, a feature designed to mimic Apple’s AirPlay while ensuring interoperability across different platforms. This feature facilitates wireless video streaming from iOS and Android phones to Amazon devices, including Fire TV boxes, sticks, and the Echo Show 15 smart display. Matter Casting initially supports content from Amazon’s Prime Video app and will extend its compatibility to other video services, including Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Starz, and ZDF.

Amazon’s CES 2024 showcase underscored its commitment to pushing technological boundaries, fostering collaborations, and providing customers with innovative and seamless experiences across various domains. From smart TVs to autonomous vehicles and AI-powered interactions, Amazon’s footprint at CES reflects its role as a leading force in shaping the future of technology.

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