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Samsung In and Out Flip: Unveiling the Future of Foldable Smartphones at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Samsung showcased its innovative strides in foldable smartphones, unveiling the Flex Samsung In and Out Flip concept. Unlike conventional flip phones, this concept offers a dual-folding experience, allowing users to fold the device in both directions.

This groundbreaking design could potentially revolutionize the Galaxy Z Flip line, providing a glimpse into the future of foldable devices. In this article, we will explore the features and possibilities presented by the Flex In and Out Flip concept, delving into its design, user interface, and potential impact on the smartphone market.

The Flex In and Out Flip Concept: A Dual-Folding Marvel

The Flex In and Out Flip concept is a remarkable creation from Samsung’s Display team. The device folds completely backward, enabling users to utilize the 6.7-inch screen even when the phone is closed. While not yet a product, this concept sparks curiosity about the future direction of foldable smartphones.

  • Dual-Folding Capability: Unlike current flip phones like the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Flex In and Out Flip can be bent in both directions. This means that one side of the device is shorter when folded backward, cleverly avoiding camera obstruction. The larger side provides ample space to display icons, quick settings, media controls, and essential information, offering a unique and versatile user experience.
  • User Interface Adaptation: The simulated demo on the concept device showcased how the user interface adapts to the phone’s movements. A looped video showed a seamless transition between the folded and unfolded states. Although still in the concept stage, it raises intriguing questions about the potential for a more consistent user experience with a single screen for both inside and outside use.
  • Durability Testing: Samsung claims to have subjected the Flex In and Out Flip to rigorous durability tests. Folding it in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius and testing its resilience against bouncing basketballs on its foldable panels demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to creating robust foldable devices. This aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the durability of its foldable phone lineup.

Concepts Beyond the Flex In and Out Flip: A Glimpse into the Future

Samsung’s CES 2024 booth was not limited to the Flex In and Out Flip concept. It showcased various flexible and foldable display concepts, indicating the company’s commitment to exploring diverse form factors. Some notable concepts include

Samsung In&Out Flip
  • Flex Liple: Another flip phone prototype with a display curving around its top edge, showcasing Samsung’s exploration of unique design elements.
  • Rollable Flex: This concept can expand its screen up to five times in size by unraveling like a scroll, emphasizing Samsung’s pursuit of versatile form factors.
  • High-Resolution Displays: Samsung also presented new high-resolution displays for mixed-reality headsets, hinting at advancements in immersive technologies.

In and Out Flip: The Future of Galaxy Z Flip Line?

The In and Out Galaxy Z Flip concept, with its 360-degree folding capability, challenges the conventional norms of foldable smartphones. Samsung positions it as a technology catering to consumers who prefer bar-shaped smartphones due to the thickness of current foldable products. Eliminating the need for an additional cover screen contributes to a sleeker and thinner design.

  • Unique User Experience: Samsung emphasizes that when folded outwards, the front and back of the product can serve as screens, offering a new user experience. This single-display approach could redefine the way users interact with their smartphones.
  • Durability Assurance: Samsung’s claims of durability, backed by extreme temperature tests and physical challenges, instill confidence in the reliability of the In and Out Flip concept. Users may find reassurance in the robustness of foldable devices as technology continues to evolve.

Other Foldable and Rollable Concepts at CES 2024

Alongside the In and Out Flip, Samsung unveiled other captivating concepts, providing a glimpse into the future possibilities of foldable technology

  • Rollable Flex: With the ability to expand its screen significantly, it showcases Samsung’s interest in delivering devices with adaptable form factors.
  • Flex Hybrid: This device combines foldable and slideable features, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to experimenting with diverse designs to enhance user experiences.


Samsung’s Flex In and Out Flip concept, although currently a prototype, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the potential evolution of foldable smartphones. The dual-folding capability, unique user interface adaptation, and durability testing suggest that Samsung is actively pushing the boundaries of innovation in the smartphone market.

While the In and Out Flip may not be an immediate reality, its introduction sparks excitement and speculation about the future of the Galaxy Z Flip line and the broader landscape of foldable devices. As technology advances, Samsung’s commitment to exploring novel concepts and designs paves the way for a dynamic and intriguing future in the world of smartphones.

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