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The Unusual Happened as X (Twitter) Down Globally for awhile Today

X (formerly Twitter) seems to be acting up today. Many users tried using Twitter as a customary but the users are unable to see their feeds. Elon Musk owned X is one of the largely use social media handles. It has over 335.7 million users worldwide, making it one of the most used social media platforms.

People use X for sharing ideas, thoughts, images, videos, and much more, commonly known as “tweets.” It is one of the most popular platforms for sharing news, opinions, and updates instantly. This platform allows users to follow other accounts and view their tweets in their timelines. In addition, they can retweet, like, and reply to others’ tweets.

X is one of the best platforms for staying connected to people around the world. Today, the platform experienced some downtime, which is pretty uncommon. There have been reports of difficulties in accessing the platform, such as logging in, loading tweets, and sending tweets.

Many X users were unable to load tweets for some uncertain reason for around 15 minutes. Yet, the cause of the X outage remains unclear. Reports suggest that official Twitter Support team has resolved the issue and now the users are able to use X. However, if you are still facing problem with it, then try some solutions listed below.

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Steps To Fix ‘Tweets Not Loading’ Issue

If you’re also experiencing difficulties with X, you can consider following these steps:
Clear cache: Clearing the cache and cookies on your mobile browser can help fix the problem. To begin, go to setting menu and clear cache and cookies from your mobile browser.

Check your internet connection: Your internet connection may be one of the reasons you might be facing trouble with X. Nevertheless, consider restarting your internet connection to resolve the problem.

Restart your device: Consider restarting your device. Sometimes, restarting your device can help resolve the issue.

Try these fixes, you may be able to load X, if the problem persists from your end.

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