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WhatsApp Banned? – The reasons and how to protect your account

Reasons behind the ban

There are two types of prohibitions.


The following are the main reasons why your WhatsApp account could be banned:

  • Accounts that perform bulk or automated operations are permanently banned by WhatsApp because they break their Terms of Service by using WhatsApp services without authorization. Every month, WhatsApp removes over 2.5 million accounts due to mass and automated communications.
  • It is possible that WhatsApp will permanently ban your account if the phone number associated with your account has been used for suspicious activities. During the account registration process, this check is conducted.
  • WhatsApp disables accounts that use their service excessively, such as sending a large number of messages in a short period of time. Don’t worry, WhatsApp sets a limit that is nearly impossible for a human to attain. If an account has hit its limit, it is an automatic mechanism rather than a human.
  • Those accounts that receive multiple reports from other users are banned from using WhatsApp.

2. TEMP Ban:

  • If too many people block you for a given period of time, WhatsApp can temporarily disable your account.
  • It was possible to be banned from WhatsApp for sending the same message to too many people. As long as you don’t spam your contacts with too many identical messages, you may be temporarily prohibited from using WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp only permits sending a message to a maximum of five people, this shouldn’t be happening anymore.
  • If you send too many messages to a broadcast list, WhatsApp may temporarily disable your account.
  • If you send too many messages to persons who do not have your phone number recorded in their address book, WhatsApp may temporarily suspend your account.
  • If you create too many groups with users who don’t have your phone number saved in their address book, WhatsApp may temporarily suspend your account.
  • The use of an unlicensed version of WhatsApp may result in a temporary account ban. However, your privacy may be jeopardized by unofficial WhatsApp versions, popularly known as “WhatsApp Mods” on Android. A modded WhatsApp version breaches Terms of Service, thus your account may be banned if there is a new wave of bans in the works. A user’s account will be banned if he or she does not switch to the official WhatsApp version from the App Store or Google Play Store within a set period of time. Since WhatsApp has a duty to protect its product and consumers, banning altered versions is the appropriate thing to do. However, it’s understandable. WhatsApp has been trying to get people to quit using modded versions of the app by incorporating some of the functionality found in such versions for a few years now.

In cases where a user has been temporarily banned from WhatsApp many times, he may be permanently prohibited from accessing the app.

When it comes to banning accounts, WhatsApp warns that they may not provide a warning, but if the user believes his account was banned by mistake, he can email them and they will investigate.

Accounts with suspect names in their groups are also banned by WhatsApp. For example, WhatsApp can look at all group names as well as descriptions, which allows it to immediately block accounts that break the legislation. As a result, WhatsApp will be able to better combat child exploitation.

However, even if your WhatsApp account has been suspended, it’s still entirely possible that you’ve been banned in error. A semi-automated process, banning can rely heavily on protocols and behavior analysis. Unintentionally padding the wrong foot can still result in an automatic ban.

Here’s what you can do to avoid a ban pan hit:

  • Create groups in which you are the administrator to avoid this situation. As a result, if someone steals a WhatsApp account belonging to a group member, he won’t be able to change the group’s name, definition, or profile picture.
  • Check to see if Two-Step Verification is enabled on your personal profile as well as your business profile. Many users are wrongly barred from using the service, and they have no idea how to get their account back: they are actually forced to purchase a new phone number. During this course, their trust in WhatsApp may be eroded, and it is impossible to regain it. On both sides, it’s frustrating.
  • It’s possible for a user to contact WhatsApp support if he or she believes their account has been banned in error. Alternatively, users can contact WhatsApp Messenger Support and ask a question to get assistance with the issue. Switching to the official version of the platform can reverse a temporary ban for those who are using mod apps. It is recommended that those who wish to learn more about the reasons why WhatsApp has blocked their numbers visit the official website for more information.



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