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Foxconn Commits to New Setup in Telangana – As Early as Possible

The Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn has recently announced that it is going to establish a manufacturing facility in Kongara Kalan, foxconn Commits to New Setup in Telangana and is close to Hyderabad. Foxconn is the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world and a main assembler for Apple products, including the iPhone.

According to reports, the state government of Telangana has designated 200 acres of land for Foxconn to use in order to set up the manufacturing unit at Kongara Kalan. Kongara Kalan is in its expansion phase and is located approximately 35 kilometers away from Hyderabad.

The Apple supplier already has facilities in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where it manufactures items for other businesses like Apple and Amazon. The company is planning to invest a large sum in a manufacturing facility; however, the amount has not been disclosed.

Kongara Kalan Park is approximately five kilometers away from Adibatla, which is home to a TCS facility with more than fifteen thousand people employed there, and it is in close proximity to Raviryal, which is experiencing the creation of a few manufacturing facilities. In addition, a large number of real estate developments are now under construction in this area.

The state government of Telangana has already been working to improve the Kongara Kalan neighborhood. The state government has been working on establishing a manufacturing cluster for electronic products in this region.

According to sources, the government of K. Chandrasekhar Rao intends to expand the number of manufacturing facilities in the state in order to assist the electronic manufacturing sector in creating around 16 lacks of new employment for people.

Karnataka’s Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai made the announcement during the first week of March that Foxconn had agreed to establish an iPhone manufacturing on 300 acres of land close to Bengaluru. This facility will result in the creation of one hundred thousand new jobs for people in India. 

On Saturday, the Chief Minister of Karnataka announced that the corporation would be given around 300 acres of land located in close proximity to Kempegowda International Airport.

The Foxconn Chairman Young Liu visited Hyderabad on March 2, although he claimed that no decisions had been made during that trip. However, it is alleged that Liu had promised to invest 700 million dollars in Karnataka.

On March 6, Liu sent an official letter to the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR, informing him that the Taiwanese contract manufacturing giant is committed to establishing the facility in the state.

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Liu wrote in his letter, “As we discussed during our meeting on March 2, Foxconn is committed to setting up a manufacturing facility in Kongara Kalan, and I seek the support of your team in operationalizing the Kongara Kalan Park as early as possible. I seek the support of your team in operationalizing the Kongara Kalan Park as early as possible.”

In addition, Liu extended a personal invitation to Rao to visit Taiwan.

“It would be my honor to host you in Taipei. Look forward to meeting you soon,” Liu wrote in the letter.

Rao and Liu met on March 2 at Pragathi Bhavan to discuss Foxconn’s interest in working with India on the production of electric vehicles.

The Chief Minister’s Office published a copy of the letter on March 6. (CMO).

According to the CMO release, it was decided that Foxconn would establish an electronics manufacturing facility in Telangana, with the potential to generate employment for over one lakh people.

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