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Top 10 Best Running Apps for Apple Watch

Wearables have become great gadgets for any tech-savvy person. It has a range of features that can help you with some simple functions such as setting tasks, making calls, and sending text messages, as well as some high-end functions like fitness and health tracking.

The Fitness and health tracking feature of smartwatches is the most appealing among the fitness freaks out there and it is also why most people buy smartwatches.

Apple watches are by far the most sought-after smartwatches for their accuracy and range of capabilities when it comes to keeping a record of your running workouts.

Everyone is aware of the in-built features to map the runway and record other aspects such as heartbeat, speed, distance, elevations, etc. However, Apple also supports many other running apps which are easily compatible with your apple watch and iPhone.

There are hundreds of running apps available on the online store but not all are as promising as they look.

Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the top best running apps for your apple watch to enhance your running workout.

10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Runners

1. Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastics Workout App

Adidas Runtastic is one of the most famous workout apps known for its variety of workout modes and not just running. You can choose the mode you want to exercise in such as workout, training, and competition. It can perform multiple functions such as tracking your heart rate while allowing you to connect to different heart monitors.

It also connects with your favorite music player to improve the overall workout experience. It comes with a GPS tracker and voice feedback to keep you updated with your workout. When it comes to pricing, mainly all the features are free except for some premium features that come at $4.99.

2. C25K 5K Trainer

This free app suits best to people who are just starting their workout journey. As the name suggests, the app is built to help first-timers to set their workout in a way that they can conveniently keep going for 5 km. It curates 3 workouts weekly such that the runner can achieve the goal of completing a 5K in 8 weeks.

The workouts are a mix of running and walking at proper intervals that can prepare you for a 5K. If you are among the more enthusiastic athletes then the in-app purchases allow you to opt for the 10K and full marathon program.

Unfortunately, the free features do not include distance tracking and calorie counting. So, if you are looking to avail such features then you have to spend a few bucks on that.

3. Runkeeper GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper GPS Running Tracker

ASICS has developed this very interactive application that can make running more fun as it tracks your on-route as well as treadmill runs. Apart from the normal features like GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, pace detector, and pause/play workout, it also brings in a unique social feature where you can join app-based running groups and share your achievements.

Additionally, Runkeeper provides highly accurate progress stats of your weekly, monthly, or yearly chart. Some active users praise the apt syncing with Spotify and iTunes playlists.

4. Strava

Strava is the top choice among the running community as it lets you connect with other runners and gives features that no other apps do. Strava creates a community of runners where they can share their statistics, compare statistics with their friends, and create challenges among the group. This social feature can help you gain motivation for working out and at the same time, you can socialize with people with common interests as you.

ASICS has tried to incorporate the social feature too but it is not as good as Strava. This feature is definitely eye-catching because of the community it builds but it can also be alarming for some runners who need privacy and don’t want to share their routes with other people. Another concern with Strava is that free download is available but even some basic features come only with the premium plan that starts at $5/month.

5. Nike+ Run Club

Like the above-mentioned apps, Nike+ Run Club also has all the features. This app makes it to the list of best running apps for some of its extra offerings. It has audio guides to guide you throughout your workout, which is a plus.

Additionally, the app makes sure to keep you highly motivated and constantly engaged by creating custom coaching plans and challenges and building leaderboards. With Nike+ you can also click a post-workout picture with filters and stickers to record your achievements. The only issue with this app is that the GPS tracking is not as accurate as some other apps on this list.

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6. RunGo

This app is a perfect fit for you if you don’t have access to the internet on your runs. With RunGo you can create your offline routes or even choose among the 400 thousand pre-installed routes. These routes cover any race courses or run tours and narrate information about the landmarks you are passing from. It is an amazing app for fun lovers and travel enthusiasts.

You can plan a run in any new location and get to learn about the locality while on a run. If you can’t travel and have to stay at home, don’t worry, this app takes care of you. Its AI creates a virtual run effect you can enjoy while running on a treadmill.

The basic features of the app come with good accuracy. But what’s interesting is that your friends and family can live track you which gives you a sense of security on your run.

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7. SIT (Simple Interval Timer)

SIT running app

This is a rather simple application that any amateur technology user can use. The app does not look extra-ordinary and the features are also basic so it is a pretty good application for beginners to have an experience of a running app. The app has an interval feature that allows the runner to set intervals and times for runs and rests so the workout does not get too complicated. It keeps the first-timers engaged for a long time rather than having them give up in less than a month. To keep you going, it also shows countdowns for each set.

However, like other apps, it could have been nicer to have an audio guide or vibration alert to enhance the workout experience.

8. Endomondo

For the stats lover out there, this could be a good choice. The app is simple in its features but hardcore on the statistics. The displays are divided into multiple screens. On the first main-screen display you can see the basic details such as distance, time, pace, and heart rate. When you move on to the next screen you can see a well-created stat on your pace and the screen after that displays a detailed breakdown of your BPM and time spent in each heart rate zones.

This Apple Watch app can help you to understand your body’s response to your workout in a better way so that you can create a running workout accordingly to get the best results.

9. iSmoothRun

iSmoothRun App for Apple Watch

This app helps you to increase your efficiency and up your level with each run. It is made possible by setting up ghost runs against your previous records so that you can outdo yourself and become a better runner. Another feature that helps you in achieving this goal is the audio alert. The app alerts you by popping audio notifications when you reach a certain threshold and helps in detecting any kind of abnormal heart rate.

10. Map My Run

This app is known for its compatibility with various kinds of devices. It keeps track and records all your data. It syncs to your apple watch and retrieves and saves data in real-time. So, in case you lose your device or change your wearable you can still have all the data and don’t have to start from the beginning. It connects easily with MyFitnessPal and runs perfectly on other devices such as Garmin and Fitbit.

Final Thoughts…

To know which app works the best for you, try to assess your current running form and your future goals. For example, if you’re a beginner and have no clue about running then you should choose an app with coaching plans. If you want to master your running then go for an app that is challenge-based and also tracks your run in the most accurate manner.

Also, before choosing an app make sure that the features you need are available on the free version, and if they are available on the premium version, make sure the prices are affordable to you.

Most importantly, check if your app is fully compatible with the model of Apple watch you have and easily connects to Apple health.

So, what’s your pick?

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