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Alternative for Google Storage on Whatsapp [Free & Paid]

With the recent change in WhatsApp policy making backups count towards Google Drive storage, you have several options to consider! Choosing the best alternative depends on your priorities, such as budget, privacy, and technical ease. Here are some of the top choices:

Cloud storage options:

iCloud (iOS only): This built-in option comes with 5GB of free storage for iOS users, which might be enough for basic backups. However, if you have extensive chats or media, you’ll likely need to upgrade for more space.


Offering 2GB of free storage, Dropbox provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for WhatsApp backups. Paid plans with more storage are available.

Microsoft OneDrive:

This option integrates seamlessly with Windows devices and comes with 5GB of free storage. Paid plans offer significant storage space at competitive prices.


With a generous 20GB of free storage, Mega is a great choice for those who need ample space for their backups. However, its interface may be less intuitive for some users.

Local storage options:

SD card (Android only):

If your phone supports an SD card, you can transfer your WhatsApp backup directly to it. This is a free and readily accessible option, but be mindful of potential damage or loss of the card.


Manually backing up your WhatsApp data to your computer requires technical knowledge but offers complete control and eliminates reliance on cloud services. Tools like iMyFone Umate and Wondershare Dr.Fone can simplify the process.

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Other options:

WhatsApp Chat Transfer:

This built-in feature in WhatsApp allows directly transferring data between phones without relying on cloud storage. It’s convenient for migrating to a new device but doesn’t offer long-term backup solutions.

Export Chats:

You can export specific chats from WhatsApp and save them as text files on your phone or computer. While not a complete backup, it’s a good option for preserving individual conversations.

Remember to consider your needs and preferences when choosing an alternative. If you prioritize privacy, look for services with strong encryption. If you value convenience, prioritize user-friendly options with automatic backups. Don’t hesitate to explore and compare different platforms before making your decision!

I hope this information helps you find the perfect alternative for Google storage on WhatsApp!

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