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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Phone Cases

Enhance the durability and style of your Samsung S24 Plus, finding the perfect Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus phone cases is paramount. In a realm where protection meets personal expression, the quest for the ideal phone case transcends mere functionality—it embodies individuality.

Amidst the vast array of options, discerning the best Samsung S24 Plus phone cases requires a nuanced approach that marries robust protection with aesthetic appeal. From sleek minimalist designs to rugged armor-like structures, phone cases offer many possibilities to safeguard and showcase your device. Let’s delve into phone cases where utility meets style seamlessly.

Here are the best Phone Cases for Samsung S24 Plus

1. Crave Dual Guard

Introducing the Crave Dual Guard: a vibrant solution to safeguard your Galaxy S24 Plus with style and practicality. Boasting a dual-layered design, this case offers robust protection against drops and scratches without compromising aesthetics. With eight captivating color choices, a hue suits every taste. Priced affordably at $18, the Crave Dual Guard strikes an impressive balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Let’s delve into its comprehensive features:

Crave Dual Guard


  • Dual-layered design for enhanced protection
  • Slim profile for comfortable handling
  • Tactile buttons for crisp feedback
  • Eight vibrant color options to choose from
  • The affordable price of $18


  • Variety of vibrant color choices
  • Reliable protection in a compact form factor
  • Affordable price point


  • It lacks additional features like a kickstand or camera cover

2. OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear

Introducing the OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear: a top-tier choice for those seeking the best in clear protection for their Galaxy S24 Plus. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this case is eco-friendly and constructed from over 50% recycled plastic. Not only does it showcase your S24’s sleek design, but it also provides extra drop protection, exceeding military standards by threefold.

With tactile buttons for responsive feedback and compatibility with wireless chargers, this case combines style with practicality seamlessly. While priced at $50, it offers unparalleled durability and peace of mind. Let’s explore its features:

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear S24 Plus cover


  • Eco-friendly construction with over 50% recycled plastic
  • Enhanced drop protection, exceeding military standards
  • Compatibility with wireless chargers
  • Tactile buttons for responsive feedback
  • Raised edges for camera and screen protection
  • Easy installation and removal for quick style changes


  • Sustainable construction
  • Exceptional drop protection
  • Showcases the S24’s design
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Higher price point compared to alternatives

3. i-Blason Armorbox

Introducing the i-Blason Armorbox: a powerhouse of versatility tailored for your Galaxy S24 Plus. This case stands out with its multifunctional features, including a built-in kickstand and a camera cover that doubles as a kickstand, elevating your user experience to new heights. A robust combination of shock-absorbing TPU and raised bezels ensures comprehensive protection against bumps, drops, and scratches. Priced at $30, it offers exceptional value for its array of features. Let’s explore its attributes in detail:

i-Blason Armorbox


  • Built-in screen protector for added defense
  • The camera cover functions as a kickstand for hands-free viewing
  • Shock-absorbing TPU construction for maximum protection
  • Raised bezels safeguard against scratches and impacts
  • N52 magnets enable faster magnetic charging


  • Versatile functionality with built-in kickstand and camera cover
  • Comprehensive protection against bumps, drops, and scratches
  • Includes screen protector for added defense
  • Compatible with magnetic charging for added convenience


  • The bulky design may not appeal to all users

4. FNTCASE Rugged Protective Case

Introducing the FNTCASE Rugged Protective Case: the ultimate choice for those seeking a Galaxy S24 Plus case with a built-in kickstand. This case boasts a non-slip design and upgraded features, including a sliding camera cover to safeguard your system when unused. Priced at $18, it offers exceptional value for its array of functionalities. Let’s delve into its features:

FNTCASE Rugged Protective Case fo S24 plus


  • Built-in kickstand for convenient hands-free viewing
  • Sliding camera cover for added camera protection
  • Non-slip design for improved grip
  • Military-grade drop protection for peace of mind


  • Enhanced functionality with a built-in kickstand and sliding camera cover
  • Stable triangular structure when the kickstand is opened for versatile positioning
  • Affordable price point for budget-conscious consumers


  • The design may be perceived as bulky by some users
  • Pricing is slightly higher compared to other budget options

5. Urban Armor Gear UAG Plasma Series

Introducing the Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Plasma Series: the epitome of style and protection for your Galaxy S24 Plus. With its dynamic translucent hexagonal design, this case adds a unique aesthetic and provides top-notch protection for adventurous individuals. Priced at $45, it may be considered an investment, but its array of features makes it worth every penny. Let’s explore its attributes in detail:

Urban Armor Gear UAG Plasma Series S24 Plus cover


  • Translucent hexagonal design for a stylish look
  • Enhanced TPU corner protection for added durability
  • Ultra-lightweight impact frame for ample protection against drops and impacts
  • Low perimeter edge for improved grip and handling
  • Signature UAG armor frame for boldness and recognition


  • Its unique and stylish design sets it apart
  • Wide range of color choices to suit individual preferences
  • Ample protection against accidental drops and impacts


  • A higher price point may not be suitable for budget-conscious buyers

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6. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Introducing the Spigen Rugged Armor Case: your go-to choice for the Galaxy S24 Plus rugged protection. Trusted by users for over a decade, Spigen delivers unparalleled durability with its latest offering. Priced at $17, it combines affordability with reliability, making it a standout option in the market. Let’s delve into its features:

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for S24 Plus


  • Modern carbon fiber detailing for a sophisticated look
  • Multi-layered bumper protection on all corners for extra durability
  • Rugged design ensures protection against impacts and bumps
  • Trusted brand reputation for quality assurance


  • Extra corner protection through bumper design
  • Affordable price point for budget-conscious buyers
  • It comes from a reputable and trusted company


  • Limited color selection may not cater to all preferences

7. Spidercase

Introducing the Spidercase Case: the ultimate accessory for your Galaxy S24 Plus, providing unparalleled protection and functionality. Engineered with a rugged PC and an inner polycarbonate shell, this case ensures your device remains safeguarded against shock, collisions, and scratches. Priced at $18, it offers incredible value for its extensive features. Let’s delve into its attributes:

Spidercase for S24 Plus


  • Includes screen protectors and camera protectors for comprehensive coverage
  • 10-foot military-grade drop protection for maximum durability
  • Wireless charging compatibility for added convenience
  • The non-slip design ensures a secure grip
  • Available in nearly 20 different colors to suit individual styles


  • Comprehensive protection with included screen and camera protectors
  • Exceptional 10-foot military-grade drop protection
  • Compatible with wireless chargers for hassle-free charging
  • Wide range of color options to cater to diverse preferences


  • Some users may find it too bulky for their liking

8. Elago Silicone Case

Introducing the Elago Silicone Case: your perfect companion for the Galaxy S24 Plus, offering both affordability and functionality. Crafted from high-quality liquid silicone, these cases provide exceptional grip, reducing the risk of accidental slips. Priced at just $15, they offer incredible value without compromising quality. Let’s explore their features:

Elago Silicone Case for galaxy S24 Plus


  • Made from high-quality liquid silicone for durability and grip
  • The affordable price point is $15
  • Various color choices to match your style
  • Simple and clean design for a sleek look
  • Wireless charging compatibility for added convenience


  • An affordable option for budget-conscious buyers
  • It provides a high level of grip to prevent accidental slips
  • Durable material withstands everyday wear and tear
  • Compatible with wireless charging for hassle-free use


  • Some users may question whether it provides sufficient protection against impacts

9. Supcase UB Pro

Introducing the Supcase UB Pro: the ultimate all-in-one solution for your Galaxy S24 Plus, combining versatility, durability, and affordability. Priced at just $29, this case offers exceptional value for its extensive features. Let’s dive into its attributes:

Supcase UB Pro for Samsung galaxy s24 plus


  • It comes with two front frames for customizable appearance
  • Detachable rotating belt clip for convenient carrying
  • Multi-layer TPU and polycarbonate construction for rugged durability
  • It withstands up to a 20-foot drop test for maximum protection
  • Precise cutouts provide easy access to all buttons, ports, and features


  • The affordable price point for a feature-packed case
  • Available in three colors to suit individual preferences
  • Includes two front frames for versatile styling options
  • Detachable belt clip enhances portability and convenience


  • Adds bulk to the device, which may not appeal to all users

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10. Spigen Liquid Air

Introducing the Spigen Liquid Air: the epitome of minimalism for your Galaxy S24 Plus. With its refreshing geometric design, this case adds a touch of style and ensures reliable protection and grip from all angles. Priced at just $17, it offers affordability without compromising on quality. Let’s explore its features:

Spigen Liquid Air for s24 plus


  • Geometric design for a refreshing and minimalist look
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane construction for durability
  • Comfortable grip ensures ease of use without added bulk
  • Wallet-friendly price point at $17


  • Simple design appeals to those seeking minimalism
  • Comfortable grip enhances user experience
  • An affordable option for budget-conscious buyers


  • Limited color selection may not cater to all preferences


Q1: Is purchasing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus necessary?

A: Acquiring a case for your new Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is highly recommended for added peace of mind. Similar to other top Android phones, a case offers an additional layer of protection, decreasing the likelihood of requiring warranty repairs or other services. It’s much simpler, more cost-effective, and quicker to replace a case than a smartphone.

Q2: Can a case designed for the Galaxy S23 Plus fit the Galaxy S24 Plus?

A: Due to variations in dimensions between the two models, a case made for the Galaxy S23 Plus will not fit the Galaxy S24 Plus, and vice versa. The Galaxy S23 Plus measures 6.24 inches in height, 2.99 inches in width, and 0.30 inches in depth, whereas the Galaxy S24 Plus stands at 6.21 inches in height, 3.00 inches in width, and the same depth of 0.30 inches.Refer to our recommendations for the top Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus cases in our guide for the previous model’s best options.

Q3: What factors should I consider when selecting a case for the Galaxy S24 Plus?

A: When choosing a case for the Galaxy S24 Plus, ensuring that it aligns with your budget and aesthetic preferences and offers sufficient durability to protect against drops and scratches is essential. Ideally, the case should not impede the phone’s functionality, including features like fingerprint ID or wireless charging.

In conclusion, investing in phone cases for your Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is prudent to ensure both protection and style. With many options available, ranging from rugged armor to minimalist designs, phone cases offer a customized solution to suit every individual’s needs and preferences.

Whether you prioritize durability, aesthetics, or functionality, there’s a case tailored to complement your device and lifestyle. By safeguarding your phone against daily wear and tear, phone cases provide peace of mind and prolong the lifespan of your valuable device. Choose wisely and embrace the perfect fusion of protection and personal expression with phone cases.

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