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10 Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts Under 100$ In US

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and all the love birds out there are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts.

And why not?

After all, it is a special day for all lovers and admirers out there. A thoughtful gift can help you make Valentine’s Day extra memorable and special for your partner.

It is worth nothing that the Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to showcase your romantic side to your partners. However, budget plays an important role when purchasing gifts for loved ones, especially if your partner is tech-savvy.

Anyhow, no worries! This article provides unique Valentine’s Day tech gifts under $100. Feel free to explore them to make the right choice!

So, if you are looking for some unique and budget-friendly gift items for your tech-savvy partner, then this post is for you.

We have compiled a list of some unique Valentine’s Day gifts under 100$ in the US for you. So, saving your resources won’t be tough for you with these gift ideas. Let’s dig deeper!

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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Tech-Savvy Partner

Here is our list of the best and most affordable gift ideas that you can consider giving your Valentine on February 14 or afterward. Take a look at our extensive list…

1. Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon Smart Thermostat is a Wi-Fi-enabled gadget for adjusting temperature settings. It automatically adjusts temperature settings. It is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo and the Alexa app. This would make for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your partner’s smart home ecosystem.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Valentine's day gift in US

Key Features of Amazon Smart Thermostat

  • Easy installations
  • Alexa-enabled voice controls
  • Three buttons are available for setting the temperature: up, down, and selecting mode
  • Compatible with Alexa app, on-device app, voice control, and Echo device


Users can avail the Amazon smart thermostat for $79, and the box includes an installation tool, cosmetic plate, wall plate, and quick start guide.

What makes it the best gift for your partner?

Amazon smart thermostat is the best Valentine’s Day gift under $100. It will keep your partner calm as it helps maintain appropriate temperature. Yes, it can automatically set the living space at an optimal temperature. Plus, the cooling and heating systems are adjusted when no one is at home. If you want to put a smile on your beloved wife or girlfriend’s face, this is the best gift for her! She will like it for sure.

2. Google Nest Mini

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your partner, then Google Nest Mini is your best bet. Your partner will surely love to receive this gift this love season. Moreover, giving branded gadgets as presents makes the occasion even more special for the receivers. It is a smart speaker that takes voice commands and makes your wishes come true like a genie. Your partner would be able to get anything done on his/her voice command.

All you need to say is Hey Google play so and so song from YouTube Music, Spotify, or any other apps. Listening to podcasts, asking questions, and other interactions become hassle-free with this device. This is a perfect gift for those who are not just looking for a gift but for an experience for their loved ones!

Google Nest Mini Valentines day gift in US

Key Features of Google Nest Mini

  • Easy volume control
  • LED lights to show the volume controls while approaching it
  • Improved voice recognition
  • Google Assistant support for getting personal schedules to global news


Google Nest Mini is available for $47.99 on Amazon.com and other online platforms. The package includes a Nest Mini, a power adapter and cable, and a documentation bundle.

What makes it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?

It’s an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift under $100, so prioritizing it won’t be a regret. It will help your partner turn helps to turn the home into a mini-theater. Also, it will help your partner stay updated. The device works on voice command, so turning all the lights on or off will be a breeze. In addition, it helps maintain personal schedules, be aware of the world news, and much more.

3. MagSafe Phone Case

Apple users have already ordered a MagSafe case. Haven’t you? MagSafe case ensures fast and wireless charging. However, choosing the appropriate one from the wide range of collections requires a guide. Be aware of it before finalizing your purchases! Make sure to buy it from any e-commerce site or official Apple website to get the original products. Put a bright smile on your darling’s face by picking their favorite shade with this special surprise.

MagSafe Phone Case Valentine's day tech gifts in united states

Key Features of MagSafe Phone Case

  • Ensures secure and efficient wireless charging
  • Provide better grip and lightweight
  • Compatible with Apple devices and offers exceptional support


The MagSafe phone case is available for $49, making it a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift under $100 in US. Make sure to pick your partner’s shade from the range of options.

What makes this gift so unique?

Well, phone cases make for the best gift options, especially if your darling loves his/her phone so much. Giving an Apple MagSafe phone case to your partner is the best way to show how much you care for them. Additionally, it will accompany your sweetheart wherever they would go and remind them of you all the time.

4. Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones

Let your partner enjoy their favorite tunes throughout the day with Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones! This gadget gives a personal cinematic experience, and users can save their own pre-sets using the EQ feature. Picking it as your Valentine’s Day gift will not only save your pockets but also put a smile on your beloved’s face. Plus, it is exclusively designed for everyday life, so you can happily converse with your friends and family.

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones

Key Features of Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones

  • Impressive battery life that stays up for many days
  • Crystal clear calls and multi-point connections
  • Extreme sound quality and comfort
  • Digital sound enhancement engine that restores the harmonics and liveliness


Getting the best gift under $100 is possible if you choose a Sony wireless headphone. Yes, it is just $38 and comes with a carrying case and a headphone cable. You can buy it from any online platform, including Amazon.com.

What sets Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Headphones apart?

Sony wireless headphones are equipped with advanced features to provide extreme comfort. Those vibrant benefits are fair enough to make your lover feel special this Valentine’s Day. It offers impressive power backup, which stays for longer and makes the user feel convenient. Give your partner a unique experience with these headphones.

5. Hatch Rest (2nd Generation)

Signing lullabies throughout the night to your loved ones is possible with Hatch Rest (2nd generation). This makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift under $100 in US. Typically, these smart products are for little kids. But there is nothing wrong with making your lover feel pampered like a child. So, get ready for a change, present to loved ones, and pamper them as a child. Setting time according to the waking and sleeping cycles is quite easy. Besides the mentioned features, Hatch+’s premium options ensure expert-curated sleep. It offers the best bedtime stories, modern lullabies, and more.

Hatch Rest (2nd Generation) for valentine's day gift

Key Features of Hatch Rest (2nd Generation)

  • Night light: choose your favorite color according to your choice
  • Continuous music to enhance deep sleep
  • Make users early birds through apt light and sound combinations
  • Intuitive design and dimmable LED clock
  • Wi-Fi controlled


Hatch Rest (2nd Generation) is available for $59.99, and it makes for the best Valentine’s Day gift under $100 in US.

What makes Hatch Rest (2nd Generation) unique?

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent choice under $100, as it guarantees deep sleep for your darlings (if you have kids as well). This smart gadget is fully packed with curated sleep sounds to encourage better sleep. It includes sounds of white noise, ocean, fan, heartbeat, rain, lullabies, wind, and many others that your sweetheart will love for sure. So, give your partner a little more care this love season!

6. Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse

Is your boyfriend or husband a gaming freak? If yes, then the Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse should be your pick. It is the latest addition to the G502 lineage series. The light-weight design maximizes rigidity and speed and helps to achieve the targets at the right time. In addition, excellent battery life levels up the gaming and is almost compatible with many systems.

Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse

Key Features of Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Adjustable DPI-shift button for better grip
  • Hero 25K sensors deliver unrivaled performance and power efficiency
  • Light force switches for higher speed and reliability
  • Easy to use and lightweight


Users can avail of Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse for $59.99 from any online platform. The box includes a wireless gaming mouse, DPI shift button cover, USB-C charging cable, light-speed USB-A receiver, USB extension adapter, and user documentation.

Why is the Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse the best gift for your beloved partner?

This Valentine’s Day gift is the best fit for gaming enthusiasts under $100. It is a perfect way to show your partner that you care for him and want him to enjoy what he loves the most. Know that supporting the significant other to play their favorite games enhances their mental health and makes them happy, which will surely reflect in your relationship as well.

7. Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker

Consider this Valentine’s Day gift to keep an eye on your lovely partner’s well-being. FitBit Inspire 3 helps you stay energetic and have a stress-free life. Active Zone Minutes track the heart rate and push harder to match healthy goals.
Users get guided breathing sessions that teach healthier ways to handle stress. Adding to this, it tracks light, deep, and REM sleep to generate a sleep score and sleeping heart rate. Fitbit application is seamlessly connected with the tracker, so attending calls and replying to texts is easy.

Valentine's day gift for your lover Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker

Key Features of Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Tracks heartbeat ratings and alters for irregular heart rhythm
  • Offers guided breathing sessions to manage stress
  • Smart wake feature to help users stay on track by waking them up on time
  • Allows users to set reminders for walk
  • Tracks the menstrual health


Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker costs $79.95 and is available on myriads of online platforms, including Amazon.com.

Why is Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?

The reason to love this smart accessory is quite simple. It offers an impressive battery, which lasts up to 10 days, offers instant notifications during irregular heart rhythms, smart wakes, and tracks menstrual health, etc. Fitbit Inspire 3 never reminds users to go for a walk. Plus, the Fitbit application gathers records of users’ exercise, sleep, food logging, video workouts, meditations, and health metrics. It is a perfect gift for your better half. Let her know that you care for her even when you are not around with this Valentine’s Day gift under $100!

8. Apple Wireless AirPods 2nd Generation

Conversation is the key to a relationship. Gift Apple AirPods to strengthen the bond! People don’t forget expensive presents so easily, so give your partner a reason to remember you all the time with these Apple AirPods. Guess what? This Valentine’s Day gift is really under $100 in US. Yes, it is! Voice-activated Siri access makes calling, playing music, adjusting the volume, and complete assistance easy. It offers an extended battery life of 24 hours. Also, it comes with a wireless charging case, which makes this smart gadget an exceptional one. Instant setup and seamlessly connects with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

Apple Wireless AirPods 2nd Generation valentine's day gift under 100$

Key Features of Apple Wireless AirPods 2nd Generation

  • Dual optical sensors
  • Double-tap option to play, skip forward, and answer the phone call
  • Hey Siri, voice controls
  • Up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 5 hours of listening time with a single charge
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer and speech-detecting accelerometer
  • Dual beamforming microphones
  • Compatible with almost every Apple version


The box includes AirPods, a USB-A cable to lightning cable, and a lightning charging case or wireless charging case. Apple AirPods are available for $89.99, and the price may vary occasionally, so cross-check it while purchasing. So, keep an eye on it!

What sets Apple Wireless AirPods 2nd Generation apart?

Of course, the brand itself is an outstanding brand! The best thing about these Wireless Apple AirPods is that they allow two individuals to enjoy songs. This means you and your love can enjoy beautiful moments together! Charging time is comparatively shorter than with other Apple AirPods. Siri helps to read notifications from various applications, such as phones, calendars, reminders, messages, etc. The battery pack can last up to 3 hours of talk time, enough to bring two hearts closer!

9. Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottles

Taking care of the significant other half enhances the bond, connection, and affection between two people. Show your partner how much you care with Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottles! This smart water bottle calculates and sets a personalized hydration goal according to the body and activity level. Sensors in the bottle track the amount of drinking water and record it through the mobile apps. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This smart bottle makes for a SMART Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other or your girlfriend/boyfriend!

Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottles

Key Features of Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottles

  • Glows throughout the day to remind the users at the right time
  • Customizable pattern and color of glow
  • Fast-charging cable to recharge the batteries
  • Clinically proven and BPA-free
  • Stainless steel, protective spout cover, vacuum-insulated to keep water cold for 24 hours
  • Carry loops for easy carrying, and bottles and lids are dishwasher-safe


Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottle is available for $69.99, and the box includes a user manual and charging cable. You can buy it from any online platform, including Amazon.com, eBay, and so on.

Why should you consider buying Hidratespark PRO Smart Water Bottles for your partner?

Considering this unique Valentine’s Day gift remains a treasure for life and a sweet reminder to stay hydrated and healthy. Plenty of attractive options are available, like texts, glowing notifications, and other customized choices. Plus, locating the smart bottles is easy through the last synced places. Track, glow, drink, and grow together as the best couple! Let your partner feel cared for and cherished with this gift!

10. Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook

Last but not least is the Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook. This smart reusable notebook is an ideal gift for those who keep things documented! This inexpensive and eco-friendly gadget digitalizes handwritten notes. It’s a perfect blend of traditional and trendy Valentine’s Day gifts under $100. Rocketbook core pages are similar to ordinary paper and are eco-friendly. It seamlessly connects to cloud services for storage and organization. Texts on the smart notebooks are erasable and reusable, so there is no wastage or tearing.

Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook Best valentine's day gift for your GF

Key Features of Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook

  • 32 to 36 pages with different style options
  • Each page has the option of lines or grid patterns
  • Moistened cloth for easy erasing
  • Can use it infinitely
  • It encourages sustainability
  • It comes in Executive size (6 x 8.8) or Letter size (8.5 x 11).


The bag includes a microfiber towel and one Pilot FriXion pen. The price of the Rocketbook Core Smart Reusable Notebook, according to the official site, is $36.99. You can visit multiple sites before buying one!

What makes it the best gift for your partner?

This Valentine’s Day gift under $100 increases productivity and ensures a streamlined workflow. It automatically saves the handwritten headings as the title of the file. It helps keep your notes organized, and there is no shuffling of papers.

Connecting to cloud services becomes hassle-free, so better storage is available, and it is apt for creatives, students, professionals, teachers, and the ones who love to stay organized at all times. So, if your partner is any of these, get her/him this gift and help them stay organized! Giving this to your beloved partner will encourage their creative writing, planning, and sketching skills.

Ending Note

So, this is our list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 in the United States! Pick the best smart gadget from the list to witness smiling faces on this special day. Make sure to buy something you’re your partner will like and admire you for your thoughtfulness. Making your partner happy is as important as saving your pockets. Thus, consider picking the right one from this list that your sweetheart loves the most. Celebrate a tech-savvy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day… 😊 😊


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