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Spotify vs Jiosaavn: Which Is Better App For Music?

No party, wedding, or even a birthday celebration is complete without music. People not only listen to music when they are happy, but they also rely on music when they are sad or broken. Spotify vs Jiosaavn Music touches the soul. It has the capacity to heal as it can reach the soul of a person. With the availability of numerous advanced devices and mobile applications, listening to your favourite music on the go has become a breeze. Now, you don’t need to have a folder dedicated to music on your device. Instead, you can just have your own playlist on any of the music apps, such as Spotify or Jiosaavn. But which one is best?

Do you also wonder which one music app is great: Spotify or Jiosaavn?

If yes, then read this post. In this post, we have shared some of the crucial differences between Spotify vs. Jiosaavn to help you choose the best app!

Without any further delay, let’s get started…

Spotify vs. Jiosaavn

There are several music streaming apps out there, including Spotify, Apple Music, Jiosaavn, Gaana, Amazon Music, and Wynk. These services provide music enthusiasts with a wide range of options to choose from. Of course, all of them are good enough; however, Spotify and JioSaavn have gained significant popularity in recent times. Of course, deciding which one to choose is a tough choice.

Let’s compare Spotify vs. JioSaavn to determine which one is the best and worth the investment. The comparison is based on several important factors, including music collection, genre, cost, and so on. Take a look…

User Interface (UI)

When it comes to user interface, Spotify stands out. It offers the best and most intuitive user interface. Spotify is known for its user-friendly interface, as well as its excellent features for creating and managing playlists and its curated music suggestions. It features a sleek user interface with a minimalist design and a dark colour scheme.

Upon opening the app, you will discover the recommended music neatly organized into blocks. Additionally, there are options available for listening to songs and following artists, allowing you to easily access your favourite music. JioSaavn, on the other hand, has a light green and white colour scheme. In terms of user interface, Spotify emerges as the clear winner.


User Experience (UX)

Spotify offers a very neat and clean user interface, which ultimately improves user experience. It allows users to find their favourite music very easily as everything is organized into blocks. In contrast, Jiosaavn offers numerous features (some users find them redundant).

Too many features make the whole thing a bit confusing for people, ultimately affecting the user experience. So, in terms of user experience Spotify takes the lead.


When it comes to features, of course, Jiosaavn stands out. This is because the Reliance Jiosaavn offers a wide range of features that set it apart from Spotify. Some of its notable features include artist radio, lyrics integration, a diverse selection of high-quality audio, and many other exciting options.

Jiosaavn provides users with premium features to enhance their experience. When comparing JioSaavn and Spotify, it becomes evident that JioSaavn offers a more extensive list of features than Spotify.

Music Collections

Undoubtedly, the music collection is a crucial factor. Having an extensive music collection makes it easy for people to listen to their favourite music at any time. Nobody likes to listen to the same music at all times. Sometimes, we love to listen to hip-hop songs, while other times, we love to listen to soulful music. Any app that offers all sorts of music options is well-regarded by people. And in this regard, Jiosaavn stands out.

JioSaavn boasts an extensive collection of music from both Indian and international artists. Jio’s music streaming platforms offer more than 55 million songs, along with an exclusive audio show. Whereas, Spotify users can have access to over 40 million songs and podcasts, as well as more than 3 billion playlists created by users. Songs in millions are already too much for a person. So, you can choose any of the platforms as both offer a vast collection of music.

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Well, this is very much personal. When it comes to choosing a platform based on genre, it’s absolutely up to your personal preferences. The kind of music you love determines which one to opt for in terms of genre. Spotify offers a vast collection of international music. If you’re a fan of Blues and Classic Rock, then Spotify is your best bet. They have a vast selection of playlists, and their daily capsule playlists are particularly impressive.

Moreover, Spotify has an impressive user interface, which makes listening to music a breeze. Moreover, people with technical backgrounds adore Spotify for its podcast content. Podcasts such as Creative Confidence and TheFutur are currently not accessible on Jiosaavn.

JioSaavn takes the lead when it comes to regional music. This topic revolves around personal preferences, as both music platforms offer extensive libraries that encompass songs from various genres and categories.



There are around 7000 languages in the world, and India has the second highest number of languages, with 780 languages in total. If you live in India, you get to listen to varied music in different languages, which makes India a unique nation. When it comes to choosing a music app based on its language offerings, Jiosaavn takes the lead.

Jiosaavn offers music in 15 different languages, while Spotify provides music in 7 languages. JioSaavn is the preferred choice for a majority of users due to its extensive language options, especially for Indian users.


Last but not least, costing of each app. Of course, cost plays a crucial role when it comes to opting for the right music app. Both the apps provide Free and Paid subscription services. JioSaavn offers its premium services at Rs. 79 per month, Rs 299 for three months, Rs 589 for six months, and 749 (earlier 1188) per year. On the other hand, Spotify provides its premium services for Rs 119 per month and Rs 999 per year.

Both services offer free subscriptions with ads. Both premium music streaming subscriptions offer identical features for offline music storage. With Spotify, you can also enjoy ad-free music streaming that enhances the quality threefold.

In addition to its monthly and yearly subscription options, Spotify also provides a one-time payment service called a prepaid recharge plan. This option is ideal for individuals who prefer not to commit to a recurring monthly or yearly subscription. This plan is available at a rate of Rs 7 per day or Rs 25 per week. Moreover, Spotify also offers student discounts and other enticing offers.

If you want to have an ad-free experience, then opt for the paid plan of any of the two options.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better Spotify or Jiosaavn?

Well, when it comes to choosing the best music app, it all depends on your personal preferences. Both music applications offer more or less the same features when it comes to having an amazing music experience. You can choose the one that suits your preferences.

For instance, if you are a fan of international music, then Spotify is your best bet. Whereas, if you love listening to regional music, then Jiosaavn is the best choice for you. When comparing prices, Jiosaavn is significantly more affordable than Spotify. In terms of regional music and genres, JioSaavn is significantly superior. Spotify may not offer an extensive collection of regional songs, but it does provide access to songs from various English artists.

Additionally, it stands out by not bombarding users with excessive advertisements. Another cool aspect is the system for sorting songs or albums by date or fame. Jiosaavn is undoubtedly a superior app for Indian music lovers!

Choose keeping your interests and preferences in mind! Both apps offer stunning features and amazing playlists! 😊 😊


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