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Snapchat Launches AI Chatbot Powered by OpenAI’s GPT Technology

At this point, top-tier businesses are competing more than ever to improve their offerings. After Google’s Bard, Snapchat launched AI Chatbot, “My AI.”

Snapchat, following in the footsteps of many other firms that have developed their own AI-powered chatbots, has also released its very own AI chatbot, “MY AI.” It is powered by the GPT technology developed by Open AI.

The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot “My AI” was developed specifically for Snapchat by Snap, the company that owns Snapchat. It runs on the most recent version of the GPT technology that OpenAI has developed.

The chatbot is now only available as an experimental feature for Snapchat+, which costs $3.99 a month to subscribe to. This release is limited to Snapchat.

“My AI” has been taught to provide answers to trivia questions, make suggestions for trip and birthday arrangements, and write three-line poems. However, users can personalize their chatbot by naming it and applying a background image to the conversation window.

Moreover, users would be able to submit input by pressing and holding any message from the My AI interface.

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According to Snapchat, the application of AI to the messaging platform has the potential to improve the user experience and encourage the development of more meaningful connections over time.

Although My AI is designed to eliminate any kind of bias, inaccurate, hazardous, or misleading content, there is still a possibility that mistakes will occur.

The social networking application has recently reached two million paid users, and it is anticipated that the number of paid subscribers will expand as a result of the incorporation of My AI.

Given that young people make up the majority of Snapchat’s user base, the concept of security is one that the company places a high priority on. Snapchat has a user base of 750 million individuals per month.

The majority of the messaging platform’s users are between the ages of 13 and 34, and they come from over 20 different countries. This makes the security of data the biggest concern for the company.

As a result, the organization has taken steps to guarantee that the chatbot will not participate in potentially damaging or deceptive issues and will abstain from providing comments when faced with such circumstances.


The company took to its website and announced the launch of “My AI” there in a blog post on Monday. According to a weblog published by the firm, Snapchat+ members will soon have access to an experimental version of the “My AI” chatbot, which is now available as a feature for those subscribers.

Snap’s My AI users would be able to obtain ideas for birthday gifts for their best friend, organize a hiking trip for a long weekend, get suggestions for a dish for supper, and even write a poem about cheese for a friend who is obsessed about cheddar, among many other things, if they used the tool.

Moreover, they will be able to give the chatbot a name and personalize the wallpaper that appears on their Chat. In addition, users would be able to submit input by pressing and holding any message from the My AI interface.

My AI, just like other chatbots powered by AI, is prone to hallucinations and can be fooled into saying practically anything.

The firm has even solicited users’ help in raising awareness of the issues it faces. They also expressed their regret in advance for any inconvenience this may cause when utilizing MY AI.

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In addition, the firm warns customers not to disclose any secrets with My AI because the information will be saved and analyzed with the intention of enhancing the user experience in the future.

According to the company, “Every discussion that you have with My AI will be recorded and may be analyzed in order to enhance your overall experience with the product.”

In a press statement, Snap issued a warning that its My AI chatbot “may be misled into saying just about anything,” in an apparent reference to occurrences that have been well-documented involving Bing’s OpenAI-based chatbot.

In the future, the business also intends to incorporate LLMs that are not affiliated with OpenAI.


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