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Pixel Feature Drop Unveils Exciting Upgrades for December 2023

In the tech world, every Pixel Feature Drop from Google is eagerly awaited, and the latest one for December 2023 has just hit Pixel smartphones, bringing many enhancements and innovative features. This quarterly tradition showcases Google’s commitment to providing a premium user experience with exclusive treats for Pixel 8 Pro users. Let’s delve into the thrilling updates that Pixel enthusiasts can anticipate.

Exclusive Upgrades for Pixel 8 Pro: Video Boost and Gemini Nano

The Pixel 8 Pro takes the spotlight in this feature drop, receiving exclusive updates that elevate its already impressive capabilities. Video Boost introduces computational videography improvements akin to the renowned computational photography features Pixel users adore. This feature, however, requires substantial computing power, necessitating video upload to Google for processing. Once processed, users can download the updated version with enhanced HDR+, color, lighting, and the introduction of Night Sight Video for low-light recordings.

Pixel 8 Pro

Another noteworthy addition to Google Pixel 8 Pro is Gemini Nano, a powerful generative AI system integrated into the Android AICore. This system empowers features such as Summarize in the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard, all happening on-device without a data connection. Gemini’s non-nano version is also being launched concurrently.

Enhancements for Other Pixel Models: Night Sight Timelapse, Dual Screen Preview, and More

While the Pixel 8 Pro enjoys exclusive upgrades, other Pixel models, including the Pixel 8 and older phones, receive their fair share of enhancements. Notable additions include:

  1. Night Sight Time Lapse (Pixel 8 series only): Users can now capture time-lapse videos in low-light conditions, offering superior quality compared to regular time-lapse mode.
  2. Dual Screen Preview (Pixel Fold only): Now, users can frame shots on the large inner screen. At the same time, subjects observe the action on the outer, smaller screen simultaneously, enhancing collaboration in photography sessions.
  3. Webcam Mode (Pixel 6 and newer): Transform your Pixel phone into a professional webcam via USB cable, surpassing the built-in laptop camera’s quality.
  4. More Powerful Call Screen (Pixel 6 and newer): The Call Screen receives contextual reply suggestions, improving call interactions.
  5. Clear Calling on Tablet (Pixel Tablet only): Pixel Tablet users can enjoy improved call quality with Clear Calling, reducing background noise and enhancing speech sounds using AI.

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  1. Spatial Audio on Tablet (Pixel Tablet only): Elevate your TV and movie-watching experience with spatial audio support.
  2. Repair Mode: A new feature allows users to put their Pixel phones in Repair Mode when sending them for repairs, ensuring privacy by restricting access to personal data during the inspection.
  3. Clean for Receipts: The Camera app introduces Clean, an AI-powered feature that removes fingerprints and stains from documents.
  4. Better Passkey Support: Password Manager identifies accounts that support passkeys, simplifying the addition of these accounts to the Password Manager.
  5. Weather in the Clock App: The Clock app’s World Clock tab now displays live weather updates alongside local time for added convenience, reducing the need to switch between clock and weather apps.
  6. Improved Portrait Light: Google Photos introduces a new AI model for Portrait Light, offering enhanced photo lighting adjustments.
  7. Photo Unblur for Animals: Photo Unblur receives upgrades for better sharpening of pets’ faces, ensuring clearer and more detailed images.
  8. Region Expansions: The Recorder app now supports 28 additional languages, while Direct My Call and Hold for Me now work with business numbers in the UK.

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New Features for Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2: Call Screen, Phone Unlock, DnD Sync, and More

The Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 also join the update party with exciting new features:

  1. Call Screen on Pixel Watch: Users can now monitor Google Assistant’s conversation with incoming calls, adding an extra layer of control.
  2. Phone Unlock: Pixel Watch can now unlock Pixel smartphones when nearby, offering a convenient alternative in situations where facial recognition might be hindered.
  3. DnD Sync (Pixel Watch only): Pixel Watch can synchronize Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Modes between the watch and the connected phone.
  4. Faces and Complications (Pixel Watch only): The Pixel Watch inherits the new watch face designs from Pixel Watch 2, along with updated complications.

The December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop brings innovation and improvements, showcasing Google’s dedication to enhancing the Pixel experience. While some features are exclusive to specific models, the promise of wider Android integration ensures that the tech community will benefit from these advancements in the future. Stay tuned for the latest updates as Google continues to push the boundaries of what Pixel smartphones and watches can achieve.

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