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Nokia 105 Classic feature phone with UPI support

The Nokia 105 Classic feature, introduced on October 26 in India, is a testament to Nokia’s commitment to delivering simplicity and reliability in a feature phone. With a focus on durability and practical functionality, this classic phone brings forth essential features, ensuring a seamless user experience. Whether for users seeking a reliable backup phone or those preferring a straightforward device, the Nokia 105 Classic fits the bill with its purposeful design.

This phone ensures durability and reliability with an 800mAh battery, wireless FM radio connectivity, and a one-year replacement guarantee. Dive into the aesthetic choices with Blue and Charcoal color options, and compare it briefly with the Nokia 105 (2023). Uncover the Nokia 105 Classic’s commitment to simplicity and functionality, making it a noteworthy choice in the competitive feature phone market.

Here are a few features

1. UPI Integration

The Nokia 105 Classic distinguishes itself with its integrated UPI application, streamlining digital transactions for users. While the specific UPI app remains unspecified, the emphasis is on a user-friendly interface, promising a hassle-free transaction experience. This quality aligns with the growing trend of digital payments, providing users with a suitable and efficient way to handle their finances on the go.

2. Variants and Pricing

The Nokia 105 Classic offers versatility, which is available in single-SIM and dual-SIM variants, accommodating diverse user preferences. Nokia takes an innovative approach by providing consumers with the option to purchase the phone with or without a charger, allowing for a more personalized and eco-conscious buying experience. Priced at an affordable Rs. 999, the Nokia 105 Classic presents an attractive option for those seeking fundamental communication features without breaking the bank.

3. Color Options

The Nokia 105 Classic adds a touch of personalization with its availability in two captivating color options—Blue and Charcoal. This aesthetic choice allows users to align their device with their individual style preferences, transcending the functional aspect and making it a statement of personal taste within the budget-friendly category.

4. Durability and Design

Rigorous durability tests underscore the Nokia 105 Classic’s resilience in challenging environmental conditions. The phone’s ergonomic design, characterized by well-spaced keys, contributes to an enhanced overall user experience. This careful attention to design details ensures comfort during extended usage, making it a reliable companion in various scenarios.

5. Battery Life

Boasting an 800mAh battery, the Nokia 105 Classic promises extended standby time and dependable performance. Although specific usage details are not provided, users can anticipate a robust battery life, catering to the needs of individuals on the go. This reliability makes the Nokia 105 Classic an ideal choice for those seeking a device to keep up with their daily communication demands.

6. Wireless FM Radio Connectivity

The Nokia 105 Classic has a notable feature with its wireless FM radio connectivity support. This functionality allows users to enjoy FM radio without the hassle of carrying around earphones, providing a convenient and entertaining experience while on the move. It adds an extra dimension to the phone’s utility, appealing to users who appreciate a simple and enjoyable media experience.

7. One-Year Replacement Guarantee

Underlining its commitment to quality, Nokia provides a one-year substitute security for the Nokia 105 Classic from the date of acquisition. It positions the Nokia 105 Classic as a trustworthy investment for those seeking a durable and dependable feature phone.

8. Nokia 105 Classic vs. Nokia 105 (2023)

A brief comparison with the Nokia 105 (2023) sheds light on differences in pricing and features, enabling consumers to make informed choices based on their budget and specific requirements. This comparison ensures that users can select the Nokia phone that aligns most closely with their preferences, considering both financial constraints and desired functionalities.


In conclusion, the Nokia 105 Classic emerges as a budget-friendly, feature-rich device that caters to the fundamental communication needs of users. With its integrated UPI application, durable design, and essential features like wireless FM radio connectivity, the Nokia 105 Classic stands out in the competitive feature phone market. It not only addresses the practical aspects of communication but also offers a personalized and reliable solution for users seeking simplicity on a mobile device.

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