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Microsoft introduces New Bing To Your Desktop With Windows 11 Update

Microsoft has recently joined the AI chatbot parade with the release of their new Bing search engine. The tech giant recently delivered a significant upgrade to Windows 11 that brings the company’s newest Bing search, which is driven by artificial intelligence, to the taskbar.

Together with a whole host of other new features, the latest update for Windows 11 will provide users with streamlined access to the recently introduced Bing chat tool.

Widgets are also receiving enhancements in this version of Windows, along with an improved touch mode, a capability that records the screen, tabs within Notepad, and other features.

Microsoft has not been testing the new Bing integration with its Windows Insiders, so this is an unexpected addition to the operating system.

The firm has long-standing partnerships with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. And it is now eager to alter the way users search for information online with the launch of the new Bing.

As part of an update to Windows 11, Microsoft will integrate the new Bing search engine into the Search on the taskbar of every desktop computer.

Microsoft’s New Bing Search Engine

Microsoft has announced a couple of new features in addition to adding AI-powered Bing to the taskbar. These new features include the ability for users of the iconic Notepad to open multiple tabs, the ability for users of Windows to access the data on their iPhones through their computers, new widgets, and more.

Within the search box in the taskbar, a new Bing icon will be displayed, and Microsoft will highlight the new experience for receiving chat answers in the search flyout.

Users of Windows 11 will be able to immediately begin a Bing conversation in Edge, provided they have access to the Bing preview. Although chat answers won’t be directly available within the search flyout, users will have access to Bing preview.

Microsoft stated in a blog post that all new features would begin rolling out with the new Windows 11 upgrade.

At the moment, the Search app can be found in the taskbar in Windows 11. This app enables users to search for System Settings or to get results from the web.

More than one million people are currently testing the new Bing preview in 169 different countries, and the head of Windows, Panos Panay, has stated in a blog post that “soon hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users will be able to get access to this incredible new technology to search, chat, answer questions, and generate content from the right on their Windows taskbar.”

This means that Microsoft plans to significantly broaden the scope of the upcoming Bing preview.
Just one week before, Microsoft had brought out the same mode to Bing on mobile devices and in Skype discussions.

Now, the company is expanding the functionality of Bing chat to the Windows 11 taskbar. Also, Microsoft is gearing up to shortly demonstrate its AI in Office programs that are similar to ChatGPT.

This significant new update to Windows 11 is not, however, solely focused on Bing. Additionally, Microsoft is releasing a preview version of its Phone Link app for iOS, which will allow iPhone owners to connect their handsets to computers running Windows.

Using this feature, users can make and receive calls, send and receive messages (including iMessage), and access notifications.

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About the New Windows 11 Update

The new Bing provides users with two different options: search and chat. The AI-driven chatbot caused quite a stir when it first became available because it responded in strange ways to some users’ inquiries.

People on Reddit and Twitter shared screenshots of the ridiculous responses provided by Bing AI, and those screenshots were also shared online by other users.

Microsoft later regulated the number of chat turns that Bing AI could conduct at 100 per day and the amount of message turns that may occur during a single chat session. This was done so the AI chatbot would not become “confused.”

The business announced at the time of its debut that the new Bing would provide customers with an enhanced version of the familiar search experience.

It gives more relevant results for simple items such as stock prices, sports scores, and the weather, as well as a new sidebar that displays additional information if desired.

With the initial launch of the new Bing in early February, only a restricted group of users were provided access to the tool.

Mikhail Parakhin, CEO, of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, took to his Twitter to make an announcement about the new upgrade. He wrote: “Let’s start unpacking the jumbo set of Bing Chat updates that started rolling out today and will continue for the next 2-3 days:

  • A new daily limit of 100 is in. Enjoy!
  • SERP queries no longer count toward the Chat limit. Query away!
  • Edge Sidebar limits are fixed.”

Windows 11 will now support widgets developed by third parties. Also, Microsoft is working to enhance the functionality of the Windows 11 widgets system by incorporating third-party alternatives from Meta and Spotify.

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In addition to this, an official screen-capturing tool will eventually be included in Windows 11.
Aside from that, Microsoft is also working to improve the experience of using its built-in Teams app by making it simpler for users to preview their videos and providing faster access to ongoing chats.

The Quick Assist tool that comes included with Windows 11 has also been revamped to make it simpler to assist friends and family members with any kind of technical support that they might require.

If you’re fond of Notepad, then you’re undoubtedly going to be thrilled to see that tab support included in this update for Windows 11.

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In addition, Microsoft is incorporating new toggles that will enhance the energy efficiency of laptops and is moving its voice access feature out of preview. Support for Braille displays is also being added.
New features will be available with the monthly security update that will be released on March 14th, 2023.

Users will be able to access all of these brand new Windows 11 features capabilities immediately by manually checking Windows Update.

Stay tuned for more such industry updates!

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