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India’s First Apple Store to Open in Mumbai and New Delhi

Apple Inc. will soon open two landmark stores for India’s technology market – in Mumbai and New Delhi respectively. Earlier on Tuesday, the company announced that Apple BKC would open in Mumbai on April 18, while the second, Apple Saket, will be opened to the public in Delhi on April 20, 10 am. This move forms part of their plan to increase their presence there – one of the fastest-growing markets for smartphones and other electronic devices.

Apple Stores will be opening in both Mumbai and New Delhi later this month – one at Jio World Drive Mall and another at Select Citywalk Mall Saket respectively – offering Apple fans in both cities the chance to experience its latest products.

Apple Stores in India have long been anticipated and have been working towards their debut for quite some time now. Already the company has made significant investments in India’s market – such as building its manufacturing plant in Bangalore – while working closely with the Indian government to expand its operations across India.

The Apple Store in Mumbai will cover 22,000 square feet and be located on the ground floor of BKC. It will feature sleek and modern architecture with large glass windows to display Apple products like iPhones, iPad, Macs, Apple Watches, and other accessories. In addition, there will be a Genius Bar available where customers can access technical support from experts of Apple.

New Delhi will soon welcome its own Apple Store, situated over an area of 10,000 square feet and housed within Select Citywalk Mall in Saket. Similar to its Mumbai counterpart, it will feature all of Apple’s latest products along with technical support and advice available via Genius Bars.

Apple Stores in Mumbai and New Delhi mark an essential step forward for India’s technology market. Apple has faced stiff competition from smartphone makers like Samsung and Xiaomi in India; with these stores expected to open, it should gain an increased customer base in India and gain a greater market presence.

Apple Stores will also generate employment opportunities for residents. The company plans on employing local staff in its stores as sales associates, technical support staff, and other essential roles.

India’s inaugural Apple Stores in Mumbai and New Delhi mark a monumental moment in Indian technology market development. Apple operations in India should see significant expansion through these stores; thus giving Apple fans from both cities access to experience all their latest offerings from Apple.

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