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WhatsApp Web to Soon Get Username Search Feature Without Sharing Phone Number to Increase Privacy Report

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app owned by Meta Platforms, is once again doing the rounds. The messaging platform is planning to add a new feature to promote users’ security. According to reports, WhatsApp is still in the phase of developing this new feature. The idea behind this new feature is to provide users with enhanced privacy.

Users will not be required to disclose their phone numbers. The new feature will enable users to find others on the platform easily using their usernames. Yes, you read that right.

You will not be required to disclose your phone number in order to connect with others on the instant messaging platform.

This feature would potentially enable users to connect with others on the platform by searching for their usernames. At the moment, WhatsApp users need to share their phone numbers in order to connect on WhatsApp.

The new feature will enable users to connect with others easily without having to share their contact information with people they don’t want to.

The company aims to improve privacy and promote secure communication while safeguarding the personal information of users when using WhatsApp.

Telegram, a competing cloud-based instant messaging platform, already offers a similar feature. WhatsApp Web users can expect to have access to this new feature very soon.

The new feature will enable users to create usernames through the WhatsApp Web application. Moreover, users will have the freedom to modify their WhatsApp username as and when they want.

Well, the new feature will surely be helpful for people as many users often feel reluctant to share their contact details with people with whom they are not connected.

Of course, it could be risky. For instance, you want to share your current location with a cab driver who is going to drop you off at the airport or with a food delivery man.

The new feature that is going to be added soon on WhatsApp will make sharing your location or other details with random people a breeze.

The company has not yet revealed when or how soon the new feature will be introduced. However, there is no doubt that the new feature will empower users with enhanced privacy and greater control over their personal information.

As per a report by WA beta Info, Android and web users of WhatsApp will soon have the option to create a username to add a personal touch to their profiles. Connecting with friends, family, and contacts will be made simpler using a unique identifier.

After selecting a username, the user’s phone number is kept confidential. Users can communicate with others without revealing their personal contact details, thanks to this added layer of security.

In addition, users have the flexibility to modify their username at any time.

WA Beta Info also shared a screenshot that shows that users will have the option to search for other individuals by simply entering their username in the search bar, preventing them from having someone’s phone number in order to locate them on WhatsApp.

Instead, they can easily connect with others by simply entering their username. This new feature will be accessible on both the web and mobile versions of the app.

In addition, WhatsApp is also developing a new background colour for the dark theme of its web version. This new update aims to alleviate eye strain for users in low-light environments.

According to reports, users will have the ability to customize the colour to suit the dark theme.

There is no official confirmation from the messaging platform regarding this new update. However, according to the WA Beta Info report, the company plans to release the new feature in its future update.

Initially, the new feature will be released for a select group of beta testers. Furthermore, WhatsApp is making adjustments to the sidebar of its web version.

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