Home News India gears up for 6G as PM Modi launches next-gen test bed

India gears up for 6G as PM Modi launches next-gen test bed

6G services coming to India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Bharat 6G vision document on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, aiming to achieve complete 6G technology by 2030. The vision document outlines the government’s plans to make India a leader in 6G technology, building on the country’s existing strengths in technology and telecommunications.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of 6G technology in the country’s development, noting that it would enable a range of new applications and services that could transform how people live and work.

He emphasized that the government’s goal was to make India a leader in 6G technology, not just a user, and called on the country’s researchers and entrepreneurs to work towards this objective.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the need for collaboration between industry and academia to develop the technology and build the necessary infrastructure. He noted that India had a strong pool of talented researchers and engineers and that the country could leverage this talent to become a leader in 6G technology.

The 6G vision document outlines several critical areas of focus for the government’s 6G initiative. These include developing advanced antenna technologies, improving spectrum efficiency, and enhancing network security.

The document also highlights the need for research into new communication paradigms, such as terahertz communications, and the development of new computing technologies, such as quantum computing.

The government will operate with the private sector to achieve its 6G objectives. The Prime Minister disclosed that the management would incentivize companies to invest in 6G technology and infrastructure. He also called on Indian companies to develop their own 6G technologies and to become global leaders in the field.

The Prime Minister’s declaration has brought about enthusiasm from the technology and telecommunications industries. Industry leaders have praised the government’s vision and commitment to developing 6G technology in India.

They have also emphasized the importance of collaboration between industry and academia in achieving the government’s goals.

The academic community has also welcomed the announcement. Researchers have praised the government’s focus on research and development and have highlighted the importance of investing in new communication paradigms and computing technologies.

They have also called for better cooperation with academia and industry to achieve the government’s objectives.

The Bharat 6G Vision document was crafted by the Technology Innovation Group on 6G, a committee comprising experts from industry, academia, and the government.

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The company was tasked with developing a roadmap for India’s transition to 6G technology and outlining the objectives and targets that the country hopes to achieve in the field.

The road to 6G technology is likely to be long, but the government’s commitment to achieving this goal is a positive sign for the future of technology in India. With suitable investments in research and development and infrastructure, India has the potential to become a leader in 6G technology and to drive innovation and growth in the field for years to come.