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How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on Android Phone Home Screen

How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on Your Android Phone

Android phone pop-up advertising may be very annoying as they interfere with your surfing and could even jeopardize the security of your device. Often, invasive software, adware, or risky surfing habits are the source of these interruptions.

Taking care of this problem guarantees a more seamless and safe user experience in addition to improving the performance of your phone. Using specialist ad-blocking software to adjusting your device settings, we will look at a number of ways to spot and stop pop-up ads in this tutorial.

Follow these instructions to take back control of your Android smartphone and have a smooth, advertisement-free experience.

What is Pop-Up Ads?

When you use certain programs or browse the internet, pop-up ads—unwanted advertisements—appear unexpectedly on your screen. Frequently opening in a new window or overlaying your existing screen, these advertisements may be rather obtrusive and impede your work.

Pop-ups may come from malware on your device, websites that use aggressive advertising tactics, or certain applications that are allowed to show above other programs. Pop-ups may be dangerous for your security if they direct you to unsafe websites or tempt you to download dangerous software.

Some are just unpleasant. A smoother and safer user experience depends on controlling and banning these advertisements.

Why Pop-Up Ads Appear on Home Screen?

For a variety of reasons, pop-up advertising are there, but their main motivation is to make money for app and website makers. Advertisers pay to show consumers their messages directly when they use certain applications or visit particular websites. Sometimes, unintentionally installed adware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) on your device cause pop-ups.

Permissions may be abused by these to display advertisements over other programs. In order to recoup their free service offerings, several free applications also use pop-ups as a revenue stream. Your device’s pop-up ad recurrence may be efficiently managed and reduced by knowing these sources.

4 Ways to Prevent Pop-Up Ads from Android Home Screen

1. Identifying the Source of Pop-Up Ads

  • Check Recent App Installations
    • Review the list of apps you installed recently, particularly those added just before the pop-up ads began.
    • Uninstall any unfamiliar or suspicious apps to see if the ads stop.
  • Review App Permissions
    • Go to your device settings and check which apps have the “Display over other apps” permission.
    • Disable this permission for any apps that you don’t recognize or trust.
    • Monitor your device to determine if the ads persist after changing permissions.

2. Methods to Stop Pop-Up Ads

➢ Using Built-In Android Settings

  • Adjusting Pop-Up and Redirect Settings in Chrome
    • Open Chrome and tap on the three-dot menu.
    • Select “Settings”> “Site settings”> “Pop-ups and redirects”.
    • Toggle off the switch to block pop-ups and redirects.
  • Revoking App Overlay Permissions
    • Go to “Settings”> “Apps & notifications”> “Advanced”> “Special app access”> “Display over other apps”.
    • Review the list and disable permissions for suspicious apps.
  • Safe Mode Diagnostics
    • Hold down the power button until the power off option appears.
    • Press and hold “Power off” until the “Reboot to safe mode” prompt appears, then tap “OK”.
    • Use your phone in safe mode to identify and uninstall problematic apps.

➢ Installing Ad Blockers

  • Overview of Effective Ad-Blocking Apps for Android
    • Consider apps like AdGuard, AdBlock Plus, and Blokada for reliable ad-blocking.
  • Steps to Install and Configure Ad-Blocking Apps
    • Download and install your chosen ad-blocker from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and follow the setup instructions to enable ad-blocking features.
    • Customize settings for optimal performance and ad filtering.

➢ Updating or Uninstalling Apps

  • Importance of Keeping Apps Updated
    • Regularly update apps to patch security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by adware.
  • Instructions on Uninstalling or Disabling Apps
    • Go to “Settings”> “Apps & notifications”> “See all apps.”
    • Select the app you suspect is causing pop-ups, then tap “Uninstall” or “Disable.”

➢ Clearing Browser Data

  • Guide on Clearing Cache and Cookies
    • Open your browser and access the settings menu.
    • Find the option to clear browsing data, select “Cache” and “Cookies,” then confirm to clear.

➢ Using a VPN with Ad Blocking Features

  • Benefits of Using VPNs That Offer Ad-Blocking
    • VPNs with ad-blocking can enhance privacy and block ads across all apps and browsers.
  • Recommendations for VPN Services
    • Consider VPNs like NordVPN and CyberGhost that include ad-blocking features.
  • Setup Instructions
    • Download and install the VPN app from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and follow the instructions to enable ad-blocking and connect to a VPN server.

3. Preventative Measures

  • Download Apps from Trusted Sources
    • Always use the Google Play Store for app downloads to ensure apps are vetted and secure.
    • Avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores, which are more likely to host malicious software.
  • Read App Reviews and Permissions
    • Before installing an app, read user reviews to gauge its reliability and detect any red flags.
    • Check the app’s requested permissions to ensure they are appropriate for its functionality.
    • Be wary of apps requesting excessive permissions that seem unrelated to their core purpose.

4. Advanced Solutions

➢ Using Antivirus Software

  • Recommendations for Reliable Antivirus Apps
    • Consider trusted antivirus apps like Malwarebytes, Avast Mobile Security, and Bitdefender.
    • These apps offer comprehensive protection against malware, adware, and other threats.
  • Steps to Run a Scan and Remove Adware/Malware
    • Download and install the chosen antivirus app from the Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and follow the initial setup instructions.
    • Run a full system scan to detect any malicious software.
    • Follow the app’s prompts to remove any identified adware or malware.

➢ Factory Reset (As a Last Resort)

  • Explanation of When a Factory Reset is Necessary
    • If pop-up ads persist despite all other measures, a factory reset may be needed to remove malware.
    • This step should be considered only when all other solutions have failed.
  • Backup and Restore Guide to Ensure Data is Not Lost
    • Before performing a factory reset, back up your data:
      • Go to “Settings”> “System”> “Backup.”
      • Ensure your data is backed up to your Google account or another preferred backup method.
    • To perform a factory reset:
      • Go to “Settings”> “System”> “Reset options”> “Erase all data (factory reset).”
      • Follow the prompts to confirm and initiate the reset.
    • After the reset, restore your data from the backup during the device setup process.


1. How to be Safe from pop-up ads in future?

Take some crucial steps to prevent pop-up advertising in the future. To lower your chance of adware, always download programs from the Google Play Store and stay away from unaffiliated websites. Upgrade your operating system and applications often to get the newest security fixes.

Before installing an app, check that its permissions are suitable for its operation. To track down and shield your device against infection, use a reliable antivirus program. Use a browser that has ad-blocking functionality as well, and think about using an ad-blocking VPN. With these actions, you can keep your Android experience safe and ad-free.

2. How can I stop adverts on my Galaxy phone?

Go to Settings > Applications> Special access > Display over other applications to block permissions for dubious apps and eliminate ads on your Galaxy phone.

3. How do I remove ads from my Redmi phone’s home screen?

To get rid full screen ads go to the home screen on your Redmi phone, launch the Security app, choose “Cleaner,” then click the settings icon and turn off “Receive recommendations.”

4. What’s the best way to block ads in mobile games?

AdGuard or AdBlock Plus are ad-blocking apps that prevent advertisements in mobile games while you play.

5. How can I stop full-screen ads from appearing suddenly?

Many times, applications with overlay rights are the source of full-screen advertising. Within Settings > Apps > Special access > Display over other apps, check and remove these rights.

6. How do I stop video ads from auto playing on my Android phone?

Turn off autoplay in your browser or install an ad-blocking plugin for mobile browsers like uBlock Origin to stop video advertisements.

7. How can I remove unwanted ads that appear during calls?

Third-party applications may display unwanted advertisements during calls. Find and remove any new or strange applications that could be generating these advertisements.

8. How can I prevent malware that causes ads on my phone?

To check and remove malware, use a reliable antivirus programme such as Malwarebytes. To be safe against vulnerabilities, update your software and operating system often.

9. Are there specific steps to stop ads on a Galaxy phone compared to a Redmi phone?

While utilizing ad blockers and controlling app permissions are similar, Galaxy phones may have Samsung-specific options, while Redmi phones and tablets often have MIUI settings for turning off advertisements.

10. What should I do if blocking ads slows down my phone?

Try a lightweight ad blocker, frequently clean your cache, and make sure there aren’t too many applications running in the background if preventing advertisements slow down your phone.

11. Can a factory reset remove ads and malware from my phone?

Indeed, spyware and recurrent advertisements may be removed with a factory reset, but to prevent data loss, make sure you back up crucial data beforehand.


Reactive and preventive steps are combined to stop pop-up ads on your Android phone. You can greatly lower invasive ads by changing your device settings, using trustworthy ad-blocking software, and installing applications carefully.

Update your applications often, and check permissions to make sure your smartphone is safe. Sometimes a factory reset and antivirus checks are required. By putting these techniques into practice, pop-up advertising will not only disappear from your Android smartphone now but also help stop them from happening in the future.

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