WhatsApp’s new upcoming features amaze the all WhatsApp Lover that will change the way of using the Android and iOS Chat Application.

They are working on a New WhatsApp Groups Feature that lets you prioritize certain notifications which are saparete in some categories like Group Notifications, Failure Notifications, Message Notifications, Silent Notifications, Chat History Backup, Media Playback, Critical App Alerts and Sending Media.

So, you will get to see the alerts which you truly want.

In WhatsApp Group, sending WhatsApp messages to multiple members Sometimes it’s quite difficult. Apart from this, WhatsApp Groups are also held responsible for spreading rumors and false reports.

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Now to solve these problems, WhatsApp has reports of rolling out a new feature named ‘Restrict Group’ in the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

After the arrival of this feature, WhatsApp Group Admins will be able to send a message to the group. While all other group members will be able to see these messages and only the admin will be able to answer these texts. Second group members will only be able to read them.

Through the “Restrict Group” feature, non-admin members will only send Photos, Videos, Gifs, Documents or Voice Messages to a group while Group Administrators allow them.

In fact, WhatsApp users will soon find many other new features such as stickers and group video calling coming to Facebook’s F8 conference. Apart from this, some of the features of Business Apps, WhatsApp Business can be given in WhatsApp.


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Recently, a Black Dot message bug has arrived in WhatsApp. There have been reports of Android Smartphone crashes along with WhatsApp as well. According to the report, “Forwarding this WhatsApp message has two variants. One has a black dot that comes with a warning and the user is eager to tap. The other ‘message bomb’ or dangerous message is harming people’s phones and WhatsApp, and it does not even come with any warning. There are special characters in this message that are not visible from the front but change the text behaviors.

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