Instant Messaging App WhatsApp released the WhatsApp business App in the selected marketplace like USA, UK, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico. After that, in the early months of this year, the company also introduced this app for Indian users.

At present, this app is to be had Android users only.

If you have a business and you want to talk to your ability in-front of clients in an effective way, the WhatsApp Business app is an alternative option.

If you are thinking of using the app, then let us know that the WhatsApp service is different from WhatsApp business service, which is available for business owners.

At the same time, you may register and verify your mobile number once again. Right now, this is a separate service for each and every user, so WhatsApp business will ask you for any other mobile number, which is different from the number used for your regular WhatsApp app. Let us know how to register for this app and use it.

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After downloading the WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store, you have to follow some steps. Once again, your mobile number must be registered and verified. The number will be verified through OTP.

After this, you have to enter your business name which can be the shop name and the company. Keep in mind once you have entered the name you cannot change it. So, think twice whatever name you put in it.

Now there will be an option to set the display image and set the business address in your profile settings. In addition, you can pin the location on Google Maps, so that users can navigate to your location by navigating to your location and reaching your location. Apart from this, you can choose from your options such as automotive, clothes, finance, restaurant, and transport, like your category.

In the second section, you can give information about working day and shift. In addition, it can put a business email address and website in it. Once you’ve edited all the details, save it by tapping on the top right. There are options in this section, where you can see the messages sent on when they were delivered and read by the users.

WhatsApp Business Messaging Tool

A very interesting and very useful messaging tool has been provided with WhatsApp Business. It can be accessed from Business Settings, where there are three options:

Away message: if the customer gives you a message, you can message him away.

Greeting message: Talking about the second option, it is a ‘greeting message’, which can be used by customers to talk to you for the first time.

Quick replies: Finally, at the end, there is a quick response that makes your conversation with customers much easier.

Chat label

WhatsApp has introduced the new Chat Labels feature in this business app, which gives you the option to label chat for convenience.

Chat labels include New Customers, New Orders, Pending Payments, Payments and Order Compliments. All of them has separate by different colors for easily identification. You can also create new labels on chat.

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