WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and is full of spam here.

Now, via WhatsApp app, a new bug is being forwarded through which not only the app but the Android phone is crashing. According to the reports, this forward message has a code on which taping affects both the WhatsApp and the OS.

WhatsApp black dot message seems to be affecting a lot more Android users.

It’s not a first-time bug is being circulated on the messaging app, which has over 1.2 billion MUAs. And also makes the messaging service one of the easiest platforms to target devices with malware.

According to the previous year, a link telling users that their ‘subscription has expired’ changed into being circulated on WhatsApp.

It asked users to affirm their account and buy a lifetime subscription for 0.99 British pounds. A spam message or scam inviting users to a WhatsApp Gold model, an invitation-only membership with special features also went viral on the platform.

According to Slash Gear’s report, a special message is being sent to people’s chat-box, on which taping opens the Hidden Symbols in the app. Doing this creates apps and OS crashes. ‘Such messages or message bomb’ are not new and this is not the only thing in Android phones. Let me tell you that there are bugs appearing in the app also in the iMessage.

Further in the report, this WhatsApp message being forwarded has two variants. One has a black dot that comes with a warning and the user is eager to tap. The other ‘message bomb’ or dangerous message is harming people’s phones and WhatsApp, and it does not even come with any warning. There are special characters in this message that are not visible from the front but change the text behaviors.

Solution :-
Do not worried about that if they find themselves at the receiving this types of virus or bug in your WhatsApp messaging app. Users who get hold of the black dot message are cautioned to refrain clicking at the black dot. You in reality need to reset your phone to convey it back to ordinary if the message has brought about it to freeze.

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