Nowadays, everyone has an Android Smartphone but not all know the hidden tricks of the android phone could do.

A short observe earlier than we begin: Android has a wide variety of versions which makes it more difficult to find features that will be consistent throughout all devices.

Having the proper know-the way to get things completed for your Smartphone can make your experience like a bonafide master. However of path, there are top 5 most amazing hidden android tips and tricks right here and there that could marvel you.

  • Run Apps side by side
  • How to Use Do Not Disturb on Android?
  • Android Mobile Color Inversion Feature
  • Disable the lock screen at home
  • Use your voice to perform

1) Run Apps side by side

This Hidden tricks added in Latest Android 7.0. Nougat to run app side by side. If you want to display or run two app that means multitasking, display picture side by side and optimize your social media.

Run Apps side-by-side

First of all tap the overview button and select which of your recently used application and you want to see. Then after hold and drag and drop that app’s title bar to the top of the display.

On the other hand, you can double tap on the overview button to quickly switch between the multiple apps you’ve been using most recently.

2) How to Use Do Not Disturb on Android?

On activities, while you do not need to be disturbed, you can clear out text and phone notifications to handiest show contacts you deem essential.

How to Use Do_Not_Disturb_on_Android

To set your “Do Not Disturb” priority settings, go to Settings >> Sound >> Do now not Disturb. Here you can pick your notifications for calls and messages.

You may also switch on “Repeat callers” in this segment. If this feature is turned on, you will usually get a notification if a caller tries to name you inside a fifteen-minute duration irrespective of your priority settings.

If these options are not enough, you could additionally set up your own notification custom policies beneath “computerized rules.”

3) Android Mobile Color Inversion Feature


If you want to make your Smartphone look bit easier or see what’s happening on your screen. For better way seen you can zoom in or zoom out on text and object which you want to see visible.

Follow this simple step Setting -> Accessibility -> Color Inversion

4) Disable the lock screen at home


Preserving your device cozy is critical, but if you’re the only keeping it, there’s no purpose you have to deal with a strong lock display every single time you drag it out of your pocket. Fortunately, Android 5.0 devices now have support for smart Lock. This selection can display the smooth swipe lock screen when it’s safe to achieve this. How does it recognize? Properly, there is a spread of alternatives, some more at ease than others.

Clever Lock is added to devices through Play offerings, similar to Android tool manager. The locking alternatives will range by way of a tool, however Nexus telephones and capsules have the maximum. There’s relied on Face, relied on the region, depended on devices, and on-frame detection. On the bare minimal, all gadgets ought to have relied on devices and trusted location.

5) Use your voice to perform


World move to Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning technology. Google’s Voice assistant Siri, Alexa or ala Cortana is the best example of them. you just simply say “Ok Google” or click the microphone icon on the Google Search Bar.

You can then use your voice to do a diffusion of tasks like send texts, emails, reminders, make phone calls. And also Google searches too. You could even have your Android Smartphone concentrate into a track to discover it.

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