Due to Facebook data leak controversy, social networking company Facebook has lost millions of dollars.

Facebook was criticized for not keeping users’ data secure, after which company founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized to the people and talked of a change to keep the data safe of users.

Even before this, due to Target Data Breach, about 70 million credit cards and debit card details were leaked in a month, while there was no defect in the company’s internal security system, still, data leaked, in which originally a third party Had the hand.

An initial investigation into the Facebook data leak shows that this incident has been possible only due to permitting third-party applications.

By taking some precautions, we can avoid leaking our data or personal information.

Identifying important data
First of all, the important data of users being used in the business should be identified.

This makes us aware of the data that needs the most protection. For this, data loss prevention software (DLP) should be used.

Such important data can be a blueprint, financial account, or any kind of personal photos of any scheme.

DLP software classifies the information to be secured, after which the organization or you have to make proper arrangements for the maintenance of very important information under a plan for its protection.

This is a kind of excellent solution, which will help you avoid all the critical information from harm.

Monitoring access and activities
The next step is to keep the data safe, monitor its accessibility and activities.

In this step, we carefully monitor all data traffic and see what information has been sent to the network.

In this step, we can find out about a real-time picture of personal information related to our business.

This is called Data Activity Monitoring (DAM). Its use can detect unauthorized functions.

Use of encryption
Any private, confidential or sensitive information must be encrypted.

It is known that encryption is not impermeable, but one of the best ways to keep data safe.

Due to the use of encryption and the management process, the stolen data becomes unreadable and useless.

Encryption at various points of the network protects your information from data loss during data transfer and exchange.

Network locking
The first thing to avoid data leaking is to lock down the network you are using.

Block the types of websites you do not use, block them.

As computer and mobile technologies are developing, the possibility of data leakage has also started to grow.

Very few people know the way to avoid losing their data.

Some people do not know that their personal information can also be stolen from a mobile or computer.

Data protection to the last limit
With the help of DLP software, we also know which channel of data is being exchanged through.

Apart from this, especially on all social networking sites like Facebook, there is a flood of third-party apps, through which the possibilities of leaking our information are often intensified.

To delete third-party apps together on Facebook, you will find all the third-party apps inside the app option in Facebook Settings, which you have linked to your Facebook.

You can remotely remove these apps by selecting them.

If you want, you can keep the post, photos, and videos shared on Facebook with these apps or remove them.




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