On the occasion of International Women’s Day all the big fashion brands were contemplating to woo all the customers.

All their special offers, distinct marketing strategies, big discounts and other attractive deals were put back into action by the entire big fashion brand.

In such competitive atmosphere, Myntra tried doing something very unique which made it stand out of the crowd. Myntra, quite popular as the Fashion e-commerce portal has undergone a drastic change for all their customers.

Myntra has flipped its logo converting the M of Myntra into W.

Yes, you read it right.

This move of Myntra created a buzz in the market and they were appreciated by majority of the audience. Almost everyone acknowledged their move of change and appreciated it to a higher extent.

This flipping of logo was acted upon as a contribution of women in each and every sphere glorifying the special status of all the women who are heroes in some or the other way in their life.

On asking for the clarification, Myntra stated that the whole idea of flipping the logo was just to motivate and encourage women to be bold and confident. They also encouraged women to celebrate their life in style.

That was not the only initiative taken by Myntra, they also launched a campaign which was named as #MyntraForHer wherein the portal offered for more than 35000 new styles from 200 different brands for all the women shoppers.

They had conducted a luxury flash sale for limited period by collaborating with some of the brands who are the pioneers in the world of fashion and is active on selling their products on different shopping portals.

This was not an end to the Myntra way of celebrating Women’s Day. They also released a series of short films which were majorly focused on witty women who have complete surety of their choices and themselves as well. This was done as a special tribute to mark the event.

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