Recently, Instagram added new feature “GIF Stickers” into the Instagram Stories and the company promised that it would be solve the problem of the  long widespread image coming from.

Instagram accomplish his promise, the company has started rolling out new ‘Pinch to Zoom’ feature for Instagram Stories.

So far if you have uploaded the square or landscape image, most images are cropped or the entire photo is not available. At the same time, if it could not zoom, there was no in-built feature in it, where you could move the image.

Yes, you can use third party apps like Square to add a border to the image, but due to another app, your phone’s space decreases.

However, pinch to zoom is being rolled out. After that you can now share the image or the video with their original dimension. At the same time, any extra space can be filled with custom color gradients.

Instagram has recently introduced new features. The company has recently edited the ability to post schedules for business profiles, including text-only feature for type, gif sticker feature for stories, animated stickers of GIPHY.

Although it is new to the feature platform, after which it is believed that the company is working on new features.

One of these is the feature of Snapchat, which is a screenshot alert. Every time someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram Stories, you will be notified about it. Along with this, the company is also working on the video calling feature.

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