What is BitLocker and why BitLocker recovery key is needed?

BitLocker is the best way to secure your important data file on your computer.

It is an encryption program which allows full disk encryption standards to protect unauthorized access. It will be easy to implement and managed by Admins.

In many cases, a data breach could have been stop if encryption process had been executed for data at rest and ensures that data is protected against unauthorized access.

When you lock your whole disk, you want to keep recover key to Computer or USB. Sometimes users can forget the recover key. But now don’t worry we are providing some useful information which can help you to easily get Bitlocker recovery key.

Method 1: Find BitLocker Recover Key Using CMD

You can run Command Prompt as Administrator and get your BitLocker  recovery key easily by follow given simple step

Open Command Prompt and enter the below code

manage-bde -protectors C: -get


You will see the final output on the picture which given above. The 48-digit password is the BitLocker recovery key that was used to encrypt your hard drive

Method 2: How to Recover Bit Locker Key Online

If you want to get your recovery key, first of all sign in with your email/ phone and password, then click “signs in” to get your recovery key.

Then after open Microsoft and click to BitLocker Recovery Keys.


Of course if you had login then get your recovery key directly by click on Microsoft support and final click on BitLocker Recovery Keys.






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