Are you want to check or find out CIF Number of your SBI Account?

So, you are on a right place. Today, I wanna tell you how to check your SBI Account CIF number. But you have an idea, what is CIF number?


So, let’s begins with general information about CIF and then after discussing how to check it.

What is CIF Number?

CIF or Customer Information File number is the most important if banks try to track his customer details. Or you can say that your complete bank detail access through this Customer Information File

Also, CIF number is needed for account transfer one place to another.

How To Check Your SBI Account CIF Number

1. Internet Banking

You can easily check your Customer Information File Number if you have an internet banking.

First of all, login to SBI Internet Banking. And then after a check on My Accounts which is available on the top left corner.

Then after click on “View Nomination and PAN Details” Option. Now you can see the CIF Number which is a link to your account.


2. E-statement

Second option to find out CIF Number by E-statement. Just follow simple few steps

Login -> My Account -> Account Statement


When you press the “GO” button then next page give you CIF Number of your SBI Account


3. SBI Anywhere

Next option to check you Customer Information File Number by using SBI Anywhere application. Follow few steps


Step 1:- login into SBI Anywhere

Step 2:- Services

step 3:- Online Nomination


4. Passbook

Passbook is the easiest option to check your SBI Account CIF Number. Just Go to the bank and printed your passbook and see on the first page of passbook.

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