In the Google Annual Developer Conference, technology giant Google has announced that it more focus on Google Assistant.

The company said that Google Assistant will be more than ever before.

Google will go ahead with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology in the future.

The company unveiled several features of Google Assistant and said that it will be more effective now. Company CEO Sundar Pichai talked about adding six new voices to Google Assistant. Let see Sundar Pichai’s video which is base on Google assistant.

How will the Google Assistant Designing

It may be designed in such a way that it is able to effortlessly recognize the colloquial preferred language.

Google is currently working on this era.

This will soon be added to enterprise and standard customers. In conjunction with this, Google has given six new voices while converting assistant.

Becomes your Personal Assistant

Google Assistant is becoming your personal Assistant which fully entertain you like you can ask questions or ask it do work on your behalf.

According to Google I/O 2018 conference, Google team presented a very cool use case of the assistant. It behaving like your personal assistant like You just have to tell him what you need at the time or place.

Duplex Technologies will be used

Google will use special techniques for this, which is known as Google Duplex.

According to this technology, the assistant can be made technically so capable that he can talk to himself on the phone of the person himself.

In this technology, it will be able to call himself as well as helping to advance hotel booking too.

30 languages supported in Google Assistant

Google is making an attempt to make the voice of Assistant like the voice of human. So, users can recognize higher at some point in this conversation.

Nowadays, it is being used in nearly 500 million gadgets.

With the creation of this year, Google Assistant users in India have almost tripled. At the moment, the assistant is found in 80 nations around the sector in 30 languages.

Google has also said that the Assistant could be available in various new languages like Brazil, Eastern, French, German, Portuguese. Quickly Google will be adding Korean, Italian, Spanish to this listing.



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