Number of times it happens that we keep a photo in our own system, but we do not have any information about that photo.

For example, photos of any beautiful place, five-star hotel or airport lives on our PC but we do not know where it took the photo or where it was the photo of the place. In such a way you can like one of Google’s features.

In fact, there is a feature on Google search, which gives you information about it by uploading any photo.

Google gives you information about it by looking at the photos of any place, thing or any celebrity.

Although sometimes you may not find the results according to your mind, Google is constantly working on this feature and the company claims that this feature will be made even better in the coming time. So, you know how this feature of Google works.

Step 1:- Go to Google’s search page. In the upper right, you will see the option of Image, click on it.


Step 2:- You will see a small icon of the camera, click on it.


Step 3:- Here you will see 2 options. First Paste image URL and second Upload an image. If you have a URL of the photo then choose the option first and if the photo is saved on your PC then choose another option.


Step 4:- Click on an uploaded image and you will see the option of Choose File, click on it.


Step 5:- We had put a photo of Telegram and you can see that Google is giving us all the information about that photo in one place.

Photo Information

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