Shortly before, two big telecom companies like Reliance Jio and Airtel had announced that they would make Apple’s latest Smart Watch Series 3 available for sale in the country.

Talking about the sale of Apple Watch by telecom companies, it was revealed that both companies will launch this SmartWatch with the cellular connectivity in which the mobile SIM may also be used.

For Apple fans, both Airtel and Jio companies have made Apple Watch Series 3 available for pre-order in the country today. Both companies of Reliance Jio and Airtel have started pre-orders for Apple Watch Series 3 through the online platform.

The Apple Watch series 3, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Nike + have been available for pre order on the website.

Talking about the cost of these smartwatch, it has started from Rs 39,080 to the price of Rs 1,22,090. It starting on 4th May, these smartwatch variants will be available for sale from May 11 by listing for pre-order.

Apple Watch Series, sold by Airtel and Jio, will allow 3 users to make and receive calls without phone. Two SIMs of Airtel and Jio Mobile Number being used by the company will be given, one of which is SIM Mobile Phone and the other will be in this Smartwatch.

Apple iPhone will not be required to connect to Bluetooth all the time with Apple Watch. The active data plan will also be used on this watch in the phone number. This technology will be unique to others as it is not necessary for Apple Watch to remain connected to Apple iPhone for call response.

If you have forgotten your mobile phone at home, anywhere in the country you can access the phone via Apple Watch Series 3 and can call and SMS to your contact numbers. You do not have to pay any additional fees for these calls and the Internet.

How to do apple watch series 3 pre order

  • Go to the Jio website and click on the Apple Watch Series 3 Pre-order.
  • Choose the model of your choice from the three base models of Watch.
  • Each model of Apple Watch Series 3 has several variants. Choose the variant here that you want to buy.
  • Enter the zip code number of your area and check availability.
  • Pros date and make the payment of Apple Watch Series 3, confirm your order.

How To Make Apple Watch Series 3 Pre-Order From Airtel

  • By opening the Airtel website, visit the online store.
  • There will be a Register Now button, click on it.
  • Here you will be asked name, mobile number, email address and delivery address, fill out the information.
  • Once you press the submit button, you will get an exclusive invoice, this invoice will get information about starting a watch sell and you can buy your order when the sell starts.

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