It’s one kind of myths like picture quality depends only on Megapixels.

Actually, not only the Megapixel of the camera, Technologies is also play important role to decide the quality of the photo.

The DSLR camera is now replaced by the camera of Smartphones.

Now users also like to click photos from Smartphones. Users often measure camera quality from its Megapixels before taking the Smartphone.

But whether the camera of any Smartphone is good or not, this thing does not just depend on megapixels. In this post, we will try to know what is the role play of megapixel camera and how to measured camera quality?

What happens to Megapixel?

Whenever you go to buy a DSLR camera or Smartphone, its megapixel is more, this is taken care of.

Companies are also marketing plenty of camera’s megapixels. But the camera’s megapixel is not just good picture quality.

Let me tell you, a megapixel contains 10 million pixels. Megapixel’s Measurement Unit. The picture is composed of several million pixels. The more pixels the photos will be as good. Pixels improve the size and quality of photos.

This means that the more detail of the more megapixels the more object details will be. With this, how good the print of the photo will be. It also depends on the pixels. Generally, you might have heard people say that the pixels of the picture are exploding.

The reason for this is to be working megapixels. A large poster size printout of a photo taken from the 8-megapixel camera can be removed. A4 or A3 size print can be taken with two or three megapixels camera. How big the photo will be and how great its quality will be, depending on the pixels.

Apart from Megapixels, this Technology determines Camera Quality

In addition to pixel quality, the camera area speed and its lenses also play an important role.

Shutter speed in digital camera means how long the camera sensor will be open when clicking an object. The lower the shutter speed, the better it will be.

Due to different shutter quality, the difference in image quality varies. Therefore, megapixel does not mean that your camera quality is also good.

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